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What are the nice places to visit in Bangkok?

Asked by citizenearth (776points) May 31st, 2014

Nice places to visit in Bangkok that cater to all tastes of people, e.g. culture, nature, outdoors/adventure, shopping, family, historical values, etc.

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Troubles in Thailand now, and a curfew (that may be lifted soon) making Bangkok not the wisest choice for the moment.

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There are a bunch of that kind of activities in the Pattaya area 2 hr drive S of BKK e.g. Flight of the Gibbon (awesome) zipline tour, Nong Nooch Garden with cultural shows, (fake) Floating Market with authentic snacks and no need to get there at dawn.

But @gailcalled is right – there is turmoil there right now. Best to let it settle for a few months.

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Tourism stuff is easy to find in guidebooks. I’d suggest you start walking. Eat everything. Bangkok street food is the best in the universe. I accidentally got chicken gizzards on a stick thinking they were just chunks of chicken meat, but it was okay because there was a nice rat right nearby and he took care of what I didn’t want. Eat the fruit. Eat the duck soup with wide rice noodles that is served in a plastic bag – you’re expected to have your own bowl at home. Eat the fruit. Eat the fruit. Eat the fruit. Eat the green papaya slices with chili powder. Keep your eyes open. Bangkok is alive.

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But don’t eat too much pineapple at a time – it will dissolve a layer of your tongue.

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