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Would you like anyone else to be beside you when the zombie apocalypse hits then our our newest 30K member, Symbeline?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) May 31st, 2014

Join me in welcoming Symbeline to the mansion.

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Mazel Tov @Symbeline! You are sui generis and a delight to have in the collective.

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Wild cheers for @Symbeline and all zombies that she is bringing to the mansion! Party is now in full swing. Food is out by the pool, band is in full swing, and all the zombies are marching through the mansion right now. Come on in and join the party!
You are definitely a great jelly and love that you are here.

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Forget the zombie apocalypse. @Symbeline is my go-to person for down and dirty French slang. I have gone to her many times over the years and learned some deliciously nasty expressions.

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30K seems like a lifetime! Congrats!

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@Symbeline, you’re incredible! You know you’re one of the jellies I admire the most? You never fail to amaze me!

Err… we need a zombie army too, right @Symbeline?

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Only Xena. But then again… all evidence points to Symbeline being Xena, so never mind.


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Congrats @Symbeline! Hinga-dinga-darg’n!

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I smell something Smurfalicious! Did someone just make chicken soup?

Congrats on the 30k! Well deserved!

You may talk of zombies but I know the truth. You taught me what was under a Smurf’s hat. You’ve got a softer, gentler, smurfier side. Thanks.

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She hasn’t even won yet. We were in a RACE. I still had TIME..

Ah, whatever.

I’ll just have to kick your ass at hnefatafl

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Congrats Symbeline! Zombies, Smurfs, whatever, this is great. A happy Saturday night for Symbeline!

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Ooh, ooh… one of the best Jellies ever @Symbeline she is. Congratulations!!! It’s raining maple leaf-shaped pillows!

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Congrats @Symbeline!

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Congratulations! You win all the pillows! :D

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30Kongratulations @Symbeline

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@janbb I had to look that up, sui generis. Thanks, I’ll keep trying to be delightful, too. :D

@PhiNotPi Arigatou.

@chyna Thanks. Hey…this party with all them zombies is looking like a Thriller video. Always awesome.

@gailcalled Glad to be of service. I have more where that came from, whenever you’re interested. :)

@Crazydawg It is. Lol. And thanks. I remember when I was just a tiny little flutherite…haha. It can happen to anyone, and you, too. ’‘points’’ :D

@Mimishu1995 We sure do. Zombies, Vikings, zombie Vikings…I’ll keep doing what I can do to impress you. Because you’re worth impressing. :D

@dappled_leaves Hahaha I remember that video. I have many skills. ’‘yoddles’’ Thanks.

@dxs LOL that was awesome. Never paid attention to that cartoon much…but I might now lol.

@LuckyGuy Smurfs are awesome, I was glad to teach you something about them. :) I smurf thee! As in, thanks. :)

@Seek Whoa, what is that? It has Vikings, so whatever it is, I want to play. :) Challenge accepted. :D

@Seaofclouds Thank you. :)

@jca Thanks. Also it’s awesome that this happened on a Saturday, where there is no work tomorrow. :D Couldn’t ask for a better day haha.

@cookieman Pillows! ’‘Runs out into them.’’ Maple leaf shaped, too…that’s like, nine corners per pillow! Eeeee!

@Tropical_Willie Thanks bro. :)

@marinelife Mercie, yo. :D

@muppetish Oh man, I totally want ALL of those. Sooooft!

@flutherother Thank you. :)

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Yeah, it’s a Viking board game. They had long winters, so in-between a long day of spinning and weaving (yes, even the men) and getting blackout drunk, they played lots of board games.

Hnafatafl is more the style of game than anything. There are a bunch of variations. My son and I play Tablut a lot.

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I’m interested in Hnafatafl. How does one play, and how is it a style?

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Tablut is one variation of Hnafatafl. The different variations are basically the number of squares on the board or maybe some house rules.

Basically, you have a square board broken into squares. All pieces move like Rooks in chess – straight line as far as they can go. The center square is the King’s square and only the King can stop there.
There are two sides – it’s usually the Swedes vs. the Danes or something like that. The Swedes (for instance) are trying to trap the King of the Danes. The king starts on the center square, surrounded by his men, and the Swedes are around the edges. The goal is to get the king to one of the four corners before the other army traps him. A soldier is trapped when he is opposed on two opposite sides, and the King is trapped when he is surrounded on all sides. (Or pinned against an edge or the King’s Square)

Because the game really favors the king, a lot of times players will bet on how many moves it will take the king’s side to win, or they’ll do a best of 5 or whatever.

And if you like that, Nine Men’s Morris is a great Medieval board game as well.

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I literally made my game board out of a piece of wood and some paint, and we use checkers (with one king from the chessboard) as the pieces. It took about 10 minutes, haha.

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Aaaah I see, so this sounds like a game with really basic rules, but that make it fun every time. I would assume. So people still play this today?

This is random but I was playing this game called Assassin’s Creed IV which is set in a pirate theme, and one side activity was to go in taverns, and play board games. You can make bets and shit. They had about five different games, which are apparently real, and come from different parts of the world. One of them seemed very similar to Hnafatafl, but the video game claimed, in the history Wiki section thing it has, that it was from Portugal. (not quite the same as Hnafatafl, but similar)

All that just to say, I didn’t know board games were that fucking badass. Mind you, knowing that pirates and Vikings played them helps but still…very neat. :)

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Well, the Vikings were travellers, and people spread stuff that was fun. So it’s not that shocking to me that a Tafl game could make it (in some form) to Portugal. Vikings played chess, too. They just called it Skaktafl.

I know lots of people that play Tafl games and Nine Men’s Morris, but then I’m a medieval re-enactor. We do lots of things normal people don’t do anymore. ^_^

An off-the-shelf board game that appeals to a lot of my fellow SCAdians is Pente.

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@Seek Yeah, plus the Vikings most likely brought back home ideas that they found in other places, too. I never play board games ever, except Monopoly sometimes with friends, but I see a growing interest here…if anyone’s willing, I’d totally be up for getting drunk and playing some Hnafatafl. Or that Walking Dead board game, that’s fine too.

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Put on those Phrygian Smurf caps, join the zombie traindance, cut and serve the Viking pie while princess Symbeline glides around the mansion rubbing shoulders with our elite jelly guests. Turn up the Apocalyptic music volume and let’s keep the party going a couple of days. CONGRATULATIONS (in Zombie chorus)!!!!!!!!!!

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I fucking knew this would happen when I was in slumberland!
Anyways, big up to mah sistah from another vista, loves ya @Symbeline…give em hell Giselle XD

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Nope. Toughest jelly imaginable.

Yay, @Symbeline! I’m glad you’re still here, scared me for awhile. Congrats!

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@Symbeline, there’s an old saying among elephants (my full name is Pachyderm_in_the_Room). Congratulations!

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Damn! The actual “saying” got cut off. Should have read, “There’s always room for one more.”

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Well, W00T! You made it, chicken and all! Congrats!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I will continue to watch for your zombie apocalypse advice. :)

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Changed my avatar to Odin in celebration.

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@ZEPHYRA Hmm, Viking pie. Thank you. :)

@ucme And hell shall be given. Thanks bro. :)

@longgone Thanks yo. :)

@Pachy Haha there’s a horror folk story called ’‘room for one more’’. I approve. :D

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@syz Thanks. :)

@Dutchess_III Yes, the chicken is pretty good. Still got some left lol. Thanks. :)

@tedibear I will continue to give it, to those who want it. Thanks. :)

@Seek I like it. A lot. :D For Odin, yall! ’‘fist raise’’

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I have to admit that I loose my aplomb and go all fanboy on Symbeline. It’s all very unbecoming of an old fart like me. Thanks for being here, yo.

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Wow, I hate being late to the party!
Congo Rats @Symbeline ! These accomplishments are the direct result of appreciation of what you are bringing to the site! Well Done!

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Youre not late filmfann, I“M late! But I brought you some babycakes cupcakes from San Diego ;) ENJOY CONGRATS SYMBLINE

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Aha! I thought I detected a peculiarly cthonic vibe on Fluther tonight and now I know why; it’s Symbeline and her zombies plus Seek bringing Odin and all.

Congrats girl. This site wouldn’t be the same without you. 30K is quite an accomplishment. Good for you.

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Her favourite season is Halloween
Her lucky number must be thirteen
Her favourite beast is a wolverine

I like that you bring the dark side to conversations here.

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Congratulations. Not only is it well deserved, it is appropriately creepy as well.

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Congratulations, @Symbeline! I admire you from afar.

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Congrats @Symbeline!
Looks like both @Seek and @LuckyGuy are dangerously close to 30k.

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Hooray! Big storm blew through, I can’t get signal at home to get past a page or two before it dumps, so I came to the library to cheer for wonderful @Symbeline ! I think we should celebrate with pillows, lots of fluffy pillows! Lounging pillows for some, fighting pillows for some, napping pillows for the rest.

You are so much fun, @Symbeline, and I am so glad you are here!

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We are secret lovers.

In my head.

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Congrats! You are a staple here.

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If she’s a staple, then i’m a stud

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Could I be a grommet then?

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That just leaves Wallace

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@thorninmud You’re an old fart? Naaaaah. Thanks bro.

@filmfann Thanks, I do what I can. :D

@pleiades Hey, those look pretty good. Seriously though, they do. :D

@Buttonstc Haha, thank you. I like knowing that I make people’s spider senses go. :D

@Stinley Thanks. Dark sides must be explored sometimes…and yes, I love Halloween. And the number 13. And wolverines are badass. They are like nature’s disgruntled samurais. :D

@Blondesjon I approve of the creep factor. :) Cheers bro. :)

@Haleth Thanks. But you can come closer. I won’t bite. XD

@ARE_you_kidding_me Yup, Seek and Lucky Dude are next. Pretty soon, too. ^_^

@wildpotato Thanks. :)

@Jonesn4burgers Thank you. Pillows everywhere! Also I take it you recovered from that death wasp of doom that stung you?

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought We are secret lovers. In my head bed.

Fixed! I have no class. :D

@LornaLove Thanks, I chan’t dissapoint. :D

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(Late again!)

Congo-rats, @Symbeline! I’d have you at my side any time, Zombie apocalypse or not!

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@Yetanotheruser ’‘cuddles’’ :D

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I’m heading out for provisions for this party. Be back later…

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I completely missed this. Must look into Meta more often. Well, here goes…

.........................´*•.¸ ..ღ☃ღ...¸.•*´
´*•.¸*•.¸:•:♥ ♪ ♫ ♪♫*•.¸´*•.¸♥¸.•*´¸.•*´♫♪ ♫ ♪♥ :•:¸.•*´¸.•*´
«´¨`•«´¨`•«´¨`•°*Congratulations Symboline!*°•´¨`»•´¨`»•´¨`»
¸.•*´¸.•*´:•: ♥ ♪ ♫ ♪♫¸.•*´¸.•*♥`*•.¸`*•.¸♫♪ ♫ ♪♥ :•:`*•.¸`*•.¸

Anyway, you get the idea

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(^^ Can you transpose that down half a key for the altos here, please?)

Berserker's avatar

@Espiritus_Corvus Whoa! Dude that was awesome. Thanks. :)

Espiritus_Corvus's avatar

And then I spell your name wrong. Jeez.

Berserker's avatar

I noticed, but I didn’t wanna say nothing. It still kicks some major posterior. :)

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I’ve been remised in my duties to congratulate-! LOL Sooooo….CONGRATS-!!!!!! : )

Espiritus_Corvus's avatar

@Dutchess_III That’s OK. It was loot when I got it. I just tweaked it, added to it, re-arranged it a little.

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So I finally got back from Iceland and managed to set up an exact replica of This Place for your feast. I hope you like it.

I spent all day yesterday getting the food ready. Here I am baking Bread

Although the food is stuff the vikings actually ate, I got some inspiration for some updated meal Presentation from the Great Viking Feast Dinner Theater which happens to be in Canada.

Before you dine, though, you’ll have to cross the moat in This Boat

Here come the Guests

I’ll be wearing This Outfit, of course mine will have fake fur.

Now lets all drink a glass of Mead in honor of @Symbeline‘s 30K!

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OK. @Symbeline: Here’s mead in your eyel

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@mazingerz88 Not even a prob bro, you know I luuuuuurve yoooo. :)

@Kardamom Okay seriously? If somehow, for some reason or another I find myself near that restaurant, I am NOT missing out. I hope they have those guests in there that you linked…from what I read…they just might!
Thank you, all the links are lovely, I like it. :)

@gailcalled As long as most of it goes down my throat. :D

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I mean just…

How did I miss this the first time around?

Kardamom's avatar

^^ It’s because you were too busy contemplating chopped liver.

ibstubro's avatar

It was @Adirondackwannabe‘s question so I wanted to be the most fashionably late!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@ibstubro You proved yourself the coolest. :)

ibstubro's avatar

Heavy sigh.

THE MOST FASHIONABLE, @Adirondackwannabe!

Is a shouted whisper the equivalent of a normal tone of voice? QUICK! I need to know before @gailcalled gets the ruler out!

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