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Is your pursuit of physical pleasure (sexual and non-sexual) tied to your happiness?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) May 31st, 2014

Basically as asked. The pleasure physically, however, can be playing basketball, swimming, skiing, getting high, wasted, or loaded, etc. Sexual is fairly easy, isn’t it?

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Not particularly.

I search for creative fulfillment and intellectual stimulation much more than physical pleasure.

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Can the pleasure of taking a hot bath count?

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Nah. I find happiness, as far as activities go, in things like video games, reading and horror movies. I like hiking though, and I will not deny that it brings ample satisfaction, but nowhere near the level of going off into another world. Hiking is good for reflection, but sometimes I do not like what I reflect about.
It’s also not the same kind of happiness I get from finding castles in the sky.
As for sex, I pretty much harvest a farm of bats down there, and it doesn’t bother me at all. But it’s still awesome when I go on an ’‘adventure’’ as I like to call it.

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It used to be when I was younger. Now I’m at the age where physical exercise is uncomfortable or painful and that doesn’t bring me happiness at all.

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Nope, but it helps. I enjoy a bike ride, a nice walk, a swim.. But most of my happiness has to do with mental and emotional input.

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It’s not the only thing that gives me happiness, but it helps.

I recently discovered heavy lifting and, after seeing what it is doing to my body, I’d be pretty devastated if I had to stop for whatever reason. Being “skinny fat” (because cardio doesn’t equal a hot body) sucked a big one.

Sex is also good, especially now that I don’t hate how my body looks, but I work out way more often than I have sex.

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I can not be fulfilled unless I get filled.

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We wondered how you got so full of it.

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“Everybody’s looking for a reason to live
If you’re looking for a reason
I’ve a reason to give
Pleasure, little treasure.”

Pleasure, Little Treasure by Depesche Mode.

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It’s tied to it, yes. It’s not an especially huge part of it, but it is definitely part of it, I won’t lie.

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If physical pleasure ever gives me happiness, then it must be tied to my happiness. How could it be otherwise? So, yes – there are many types of physical pleasure that are tied to my happiness, such as sex, dancing, the hot bath that @Mimishu1995 mentioned, hiking or bike riding, etc.

But if the question is, “Could you possibly be happy if you had to give up one or all of those things?” the answer is probably also yes. I am an optimist, and I find happiness in many things outside of the physical realm.

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@Mimishu1995 Can the pleasure of taking a hot bath count?
Yes, it so counts, why not?

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As a long time member of the kink scene the pursuit of physical (and psychological) pleasure is tied to my identity.

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^ Elucidate, how so?

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