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What is the origin of the 10k+ parties?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (17706points) June 1st, 2014

Like, who had the idea for the parties? Who first started it? What was the story behind the parties?

I knew that this site used to focus only on exchanging information, and social talks were dismissed. I would like to listen to an interesting story of the 10k+ parties.

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Great question.

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I will start by saying this account is johnpowell2

I closed the first johnpowell account a few years ago and started this one. My old one had 40K+ lurve.

Someone started a party (before social or meta) when I hit 1K. It was quickly deleted. Ben or Andrew joked that we should only do this for 10K I think thinking that nobody would ever get there.

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@johnpowell Then who made it to 10K first? Do you remember?

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My guess is it was either @johnpowell , or @marinelife.

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It was @marinelife (then under a different username).

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I think it was actually Gail. We were very close. If Meta had been around I would have bitched that Ben fudged the numbers since those two are blood.

I am a very petty manchild.

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@thorninmud Right on… and that question contained a link to this subsequent discussion about making it a Fluther tradition.

Haha – never mind, I totally misread the second question. Umm, still fun though?

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@johnpowell You are a very pretty manchild!

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I would like to listen to an interesting story of the 10k+ parties.
When I got to my mansion ot was already in foreclosure, is that interesting or not…..maybe not?

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In the beginning, Bendrew created the Flutherverse. At first Fluther was shapeless and covered in darkness, and Bendrew’s spirit hovered over the waters. Bendrew said, “Let there be light”. And there was light. Bendrew divided the day from the night, naming them ‘day’ and ‘night’. This was the first day and Bendrew saw that it was good. On the second day Bendrew made the heavens to separate the water from the earth and on the third day he raised the dry land up from the waters below the heavens and commanded the Lagoon to spring forth. Bendrew saw that it was good. Bendrew then made Mods for the day and Mods for the night, and he saw that it was good. This was the fourth day. On the fifth day Bendrew commanded the waters to bring forth Dr. J. And he was pleased with what he saw. On the sixth day Bendrew commanded the water to bring forth all kinds of Jellies and Lurve from the sky and he saw that it was good. Bendrew then said, “Let us create a reason for all of these Jellies to party hard and spread even more Lurve”. So Bendrew created the Masions, each attainable by accruing various levels of Lurve, and gave those who dwelled within a bitchin’ good time. Bendrew looked at everything he had made and was very pleased. On the seventh day, Bendrew rested and watched a Veronica Mars marathon.

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I don’t count marinelife. Most of her first answers were copy and pastes from wikipidia. She got a ton of lurve for Ctrl + V.

Like I said. Petty manchild.

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^^ Poor fellow! Stroke, stroke.

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@thorninmud: Ooh, I remember that party for @marina (@marinelife).

Seems like forever ago.

@whatthefluther, @cak — ::sniff::

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Hey, there’s a penguin stroking @johnpowell ^^

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Best strokes he ever got. I even passed him some PBR in between the stroking.

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And taquitos.. How could you forget the taquitos?

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I thought you were bringing them! Do I have to do everything?

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