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Any tips on how to teach my daughter to dive into the swimming pool?

Asked by Stinley (11484points) June 2nd, 2014

My daughter is 12 and is a fabulous swimmer. She’s tall and long and lanky and she seems to glide through the water with no effort at all, passing all the little swimmers in her class and swimming club. However she has a big problem with diving. She belly flops badly. On Saturday the teacher got her to dive three times and she did get better and managed not to belly flop for two of them. I suggested that we go swimming and she could practice diving, now that she’s beginning to get the hang of it. It went badly… she belly flopped 6 times out of the 9 times she dived in and was sobbing after the last one because she couldn’t do it. I did say to her that she used to do belly flops every time she tried to dive so she has improved from 0 to 5, which is a great improvement but it was falling on deaf ears mainly because she was upset.

I have a feeling that part of the problem is a mental block she has – ‘I can’t dive’ – and also a problem with technique. I’m not a diver and have no good tips on how to suggest improvements to her technique. Her teacher is a bit rubbish, she mainly goes to the class to get the exercise and practice, but I will have a word with him to ask if he can help with any tips. But I would like to try and help her too so I’m looking for help with diving and getting over mental blocks!

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