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Smell of car brakes?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (684points) June 2nd, 2014

I replaced my rotor, caliper and brakes yesterday.
I also bled them, but on the way into work I could smell burning brakes. What are common mistakes that I could have made and what would be causing the burning smell?

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My guess they are just breaking in a bit, unless you were using them hard on the way to work,unless maybe you have them dragging a bit, but you didn’t mention that so I am again guessing no,if the smell doesn’t go away after a day or 2 then worry but for now, don’t.

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Be sure and listen/feel for dragging or scraping on the way home. It has been a while since I had a brake job but I don’t recall their being a burning smell immediately thereafter. You may be right, perhaps a spring popped loose or something.

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New parts are sure to smell when heated to the degree that brakes are. It should stop after a few days, the majority of the smell will be gone after one day.
Did you clean ALL of the packing grease/Cosmoline from the new rotors? (If you got new rotors instead of just turning the old ones.)

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And don’t get grease on the pads or rotors! Could cause a smell. As a rule, grease and brakes don’t mix!

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It isn’t unusual to have a smell the first couple of days. Unless it is a strong smell, wait a few days before worrying.

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Any coincidence that he hasn’t been on since this question?

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