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Shall we mourn 'Brady Bunch's' Alice, Ann B. Davis?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) June 2nd, 2014

As asked.

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Yes. She was the best actress of the 20th century

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Yes, I loved Alice!
Everybody needs an Alice!
She was a sweetheart. RIP A.B.D.

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Was Alice a housekeeper? Remind me who she was… I looked up Google, I definitely remember the face, strong character I think. I remember enjoying the programme when I was younger, I guess we all die sooner or later.

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Yes she was the live in housekeeper technically. But was really like a member of the family. I always loved her too. I have read that Ann B. Davis was very much like the character she played on the show. Very sweet and loving.

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What’s to mourn? She passed away fairly peacefully at 88 years old, having lived a full life and will be warmly remembered by many people for years to come. We should all be so lucky.

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I wished she’d poisoned all the fuckers at thanksgiving.
Also, she looked like a man, Mrs Doubtfire’s aunt maybe.

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Farewell Ms. Davis.

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I admired her for her bravery for coming out long before it became a common thing for a performer to do.

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I didn’t like The Brady Bunch, but she was wonderful on Love That Bob.

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I tend not to “mourn” public figures. I noted the passing of Pete Seeger who was a personal hero of mine but I’m with @Seek – why mourn someone you don’t know who lived a full lifespan. Guess I just don’t get it.

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I am not a “mourner” either, I don;t think death is sad, it is the end result of life. haha
I do have fond memories of Alices character though, a life well lived.

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I’m like Sam the butcher bringin’ Alice the meat.

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