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Is it a bad idea to just go look (one might say go tire-kicking but this would'nt be a realistic purchase for at least a decade) at an exotic dealership?

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) June 2nd, 2014

For the last vacation out family will have before we separate for colleges, we are in Tampa. I am a car guy and there are a lotttttttttt of important marques around here. Unfortunately, the only reasonably close museum was primarily models from pre-WWII, though it was a very pleasant experience with very friendly people and knowledge to be gained. 2 hours away there is another, which is composed of a vast majority of corvettes, plus a lot of duplicates of other makes and models, according to the website. I’m really more into modern cars, around ‘60’s on, especially anything that, from where I live, it’s a good idea to take a picture asap, if you catch my drift.

So with my “reasoning with myself” out of the way: If I go up to Ferrari Of Tampa Bay (or whatever else) tomorrow morning in khakis and a casual collar shirt, would they enjoy talking to me about the models with any amount of enthusiasm or would they see me from the Odyssey I roll up in and close and lock the doors? Or has anyone ever done this?

On my phone so I forgot the formatting doohickeys, but just wanted to whisper “I’m back, bitches, where’s my 10k party.”

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Go for it, why not?
Have fun, enjoy the cars, just don’t do a Paul Walker. lol

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I say go for it too, who says you need a bulging wallet to look at expensive cars.…

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Having people that can’t afford them drool over their hood is one of the main reasons to buy a Ferrari.

I guess the dealership will have come to terms with that, by now.

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I’m sure the dealership won’t mind. That unattainablity is a big part of the Ferrari mystique. Regular Joes’ lusting over the cars helps built that mystique ever further, which in turn makes the cars more attractive to the guys who do have the means to attain them. I don’t have a driver’s license, but if I could afford one I would absolutely have this, even without a license. Even if it just sat in my garage while I looked at it and daydreamed. It’d be an obscene use of wealth, but it’s one indulgence I’d allow myself.

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The salesmen who sell high-end and collector autos are used to window-shoppers and within reason, would probably be very pleasant. Just don’t overstay your welcome.

And don’t forget the Tampa Bay Auto Museum Collection you really want to drool over gorgeous cars.

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Go for it ! ! ! Fifty years ago, two of us went to the Jaguar dealer. We convinced the salesman that we were looking for our father. We both had red hair and freckles everywhere. We each drove around in a XKE! They said NO when we came back and asked about the Cobra 289 in the show room.

L O L We were still in high school.

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Car people are car people. They enjoy it just like the rest of us. In college the dealership let us crawl all over and under a Porsche 944. Wow what a beautiful piece of equipment. And if anyone ever gets to my neck of the woods I’ll take you to the Northeast Classic Car Museum. They have a Packard insured for $2 million. It is breath taking.

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@gailcalled I just got back from it yesterday afternoon and i did enjoy it. @everyone_else, thanks for the encouragement!

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I think as long as you don’t misrepresent yourself as someone “in the market to buy right now”, and don’t pull any of the sales people away from more likely customers, they would – and should – welcome you as they would any other potential customer, no matter how far in the future that might be.

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