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How can I watch Season 4 Game of Thrones without TV access?

Asked by susanc (16107points) June 2nd, 2014

No cable where I live; my internet access is DSL through my extremely shitty phone company (CenturyLink). I know I can download previous years’ episodes of HBO series. Is there a way for me to directly watch previous weeks’ episodes of current year series on HBO? Desperate….

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Without a HBO subscription you can’t watch it online. At least not legally, anyway. You say you have no cable, but how about Direct tv. You get a cable dish. Or dish network.
Another way is wait about a year and it should be available for dvd purchase.

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Torrent it. That’s how everyone who doesn’t have access to HBO does it.

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Torrent it.

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No need to torrent it. Go here. Then search Game of Thrones. Make sure you have Firefox and ad block plus installed and only use Vidbull links or links.

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The only alternative to torrenting it (if you don’t/can’t get HBO) is to start a regular Game of Thrones viewing party, hosted by someone who has it. Just make sure they actually intend to watch the show, and not drink wine and chat instead. ;)

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Project Free TV (.com). The Pirate Bay is okay too, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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