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What is the best treatment for cuticles and the skin around the nail?

Asked by lornahayes (226points) June 3rd, 2014

I am currently using NevO Dead Sea Spa cuticle oil and my cuticles are quite nice and soft now. However the skin up around my nails is still splitting and pealing away and i have got into a bad habit of picking at them. Sometimes it gets quite painful and is most ugly.
Any suggestions and advice?

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First, stop picking. Bothering the skin might be causing the skin to toughen, similar to calluses, and then you see the skin as dry and hard and pick it and start the whole process again. Usually, the best thing is to just moistures and leave the area alone. I don’t cut my cuticles, I just pushe them back when I do my nails, and that’s it.

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I use my wash cloth and give my cuticles a going over, (kind of pushing them back and rubbing dead skin off) at the end of my shower when they are soft. Then moisturize when I get out.

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Staying hydrated, best to push them back after or during soaking as suggested above.

I’ve used multiple products that worked very well. Calendula, comfrey, ginseng, cocoa butter. All products work. At I stay as close to natural ingredients minus any alcohol s which are known to dry. Chemicals that strip the skin etc.

Arnica cream speeds healing so use that on the already cracked and irritated skin.

A b complex vitamin helps with nail and hair growth vitamin e for skin. Of course nutrition all rounded out helps on appearance but these two are simple and established as the basics.

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