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What should i Wear in New York?

Asked by Callmeanonym (4points) June 3rd, 2014

I’m going on vacation to NYC with my mom but i wanna fit in, so hows the trends right now over there?

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It’s warm and humid there, so wear natural fiber (cotton) clothes. Comfortable shoes if you are going to be playing tourist, some comfy walking sandals (not flip flops).

Where you are going is important: mostly tourist spots? then shorts and a golf shirt of you’re a boy; might as well make it a sun dress if you’re a girl.

if you are going to a Broadway show, a little dressier: slacks and a lightweight dress shirt and maybe even a light weight blazer for a boy, a light dress or light weight slacks for a girl.

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I’m a Girl :)

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Honestly, wear what you are comfortable in.

Broadway shows, you can wear whatever you want. Feel under no obligation to dress up unless you’re going out to a club in the evening, which you probably will not be since you are a minor.

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If you wear shorts and sneakers you will have a big light over your head blinking “tourist”. Especially if you walk real slow staring up at the buildings.

If I were you I would wear a light summer dress and comfortable flats. a light material pair of slacks and summer top is also good. also bring a lightweight sweater for air conditioned places. If you must walk slow and stare up at the buildings, at least don’t stop right in the middle of the sidewalk! New Yorkers walk fast and they will walk right over you.

If you see anyone famous walking around, we usually leave them alone and don’t bother them.

In the evening you can’t go wrong with wearing black. New Yorkers love their black clothing.

Don’t be fooled by all the designer handbags being sold for dirt cheap on the corner. Their Fake!!

P.S, I’m a New Yorker. have fun. :)

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Neutral colors such as black and khaki are more in than bright colors for New Yorkers. Skinny jeans are cool as are tank tops and short, lightweight dresses for the summer.

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Thanks everybody, that helped!

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