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A couple of google searches should have made the bare meaning obvious, but maybe you’re looking for more background?

Utsukushii is an adjective meaning beautiful. Shibuya is a place, one of the special wards of Tokyo. So your phrase translates to “Beautiful Shibuya”.

Shibuya is a world famous area for shopping. The Shibuya 109 ,a 109 floor mall in Shibuya, is a testament to the strength of Shibuya shopping.

It’s also famous for “Shibuya girls”, Japanese girls who help define Japanese fashion by the things they purchase and wear. These are simply teens who flock to Shibuya to spend their disposable income. But they have proven incredibly influential. Some consider them responsible for the Kawaii (cute) revolution that is sweeping Japan and the rest of Asia.

Harajuku is another famous shopping area of Tokyo, though it is less high-fashion (and cheaper) than Shibuya. Harajuku girls lean towards gothic and cos-play fashions.

You can also find Ganguro girls in Shibuya. One translation of Ganguro is “black face” (though some dispute this origin). The style is comprised of wearing dark make-up on the face (not truly black, but to show a dark tan) and very loud day-glo clothes and wigs, with wild make-up. Ganguro is falling out of favor now, but if you visit Japan you can still see Ganguro girls.

The fashions of Shibuya are sometimes quite expensive, so this has led to a national social problem in Japan called enjo kosai (compensated dating). In order to fund their shopping habits, some girls have turned to “dating” older, successful businessmen. In exchange for their company, a girl might receive a Gucci handbag, for example.

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Kudos to Timothykinney for his very accurate and thorough response. His answer is spot on. More simply, I would add, 美しい渋谷 “utsukushii Sibuya” is akin to saying “Trendy New York” or “Style conscious Paris”.

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