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What are the benchmark accomplishments of a teen becoming an adult?

Asked by filmfann (44532points) June 3rd, 2014

and how have they changed since you were a teen?

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For me, it’s been graduating, finally replacing my lost documents needed for future employment, taking responsibility for myself and getting a job.
I still need to learn to drive and get a car. Which isn’t required for adulthood, but it definitely helps.

I’ve got a long way to go, and the fact that I’m legally an adult is hysterical.

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When they start paying their own way

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High school diploma, driver licence.

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That whole bloody foreskin cutting off thing…

The change comes from a deeper voice and walking a little bow legged for a few weeks.

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I don’t know, maybe I’m not fully an “adult” yet, but for me it was letting go of my anger. Stupid teenage angst, I was an angry miserable fuck. Over time I let it all go and I feel like since that time I’ve matured immensely and become a better person; I still have a long way to go, but it’s a vast improvement over what was. I think having a degree, job, supporting yourself all count for something, but not as much as maturity as far as adulthood goes imo.

Oh the number of people I know in their 50’s that still act like children….

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When you learn what you can and can’t do. I learned that at 12 years. :(

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When you learn to take responsibility for you words and actions. some people never get to this stage

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I was thinking in terms of:
Getting a drivers license
Getting a stereo
Getting a diploma
Getting a car
Getting a girlfiend/boyfriend
Losing your virginity
Getting your own place

Now days, I suspect Getting a Cell phone has replaced getting a stereo.

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@filmfann When I went to college my packing consisted of clothes, my stereo, and my albums.

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Nope, getting a cell phone seems to be happening in elementary school now so that cannot be a marker of adulthood.

I have often thought that we, western society, have lost something by not having some kind of ritual for “coming of age”; some kind of ceremony that would say to a person “Hey you are grown up now, start acting like it!”

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Paying your own phone bill seems to be more of a marker than having a phone.

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Getting a full time job.

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