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I paid so much to have my hair done and I'm unhappy with it, will my stylist tweak it to the color I wanted originally free of charge?

Asked by Wine (636points) June 4th, 2014

I went to a professional to touch up my ombre and lighten my base. I feel really bad about explaining how I’m unhappy about the job she did, but now that I’m home I realize my base color is much darker from what was in the photo I asked to be recreated on my head. In her defense she asked me to pick a color for my base and I was nervous and didn’t know what color really matched the photo so I chose one shade lighter than my hair. I wish she had confirmed with me that it’s actually a lot darker than what I asked for in the photo.

Now my hair has contrast between dark dark brown and blonde (exactly what I dislike) instead of a blend of a medium-light brown to blonde. I wanted it exactly like the photo and when comparing the two they are very different. I paid $120 for this and don’t want to pay even more to get this fixed. Is it okay for me to ask them to fix this or am I in the wrong here?

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It sounds fishy to me that the stylist would ask you to “pick” a colour, when you clearly picked your colour by bringing in a photo showing the colour you were aiming for.

The stylist is obviously not knowledgeable enough for me to trust her touching my head again.

I’d look for a more experienced colourist to fix it, tip them well, and if they do a good job vow to never see anyone else ever.

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She should if she actually did something wrong. If she did exactly what you asked her to do and you just dislike it now, then I wouldn’t blame her for charging you to redo it. Also, if you want to lighten your hair, you should wait at least a week to do so. Lightening hair is hard and, if you just got color treatment, you have to wait for it to “settle” or the results could be disastrous.

This is exactly why my hair stylist refuses to look at pictures. You take in a photo and you expect your hair to look exactly like the person in the picture. It just doesn’t work like that. Your hair isn’t their hair. It’s much better to just explain to them what you want it to look like. If they do something different, then they should redo it free of charge.

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I’ve been going to the same stylist for years. She colored my hair last summer and it wasn’t quite right. She gladly did it again, and I tipped her again. I think if I were regularly dissatisfied she wouldn’t do it for free. If it’s a good relationship and a rare occurrence I would ask her to tweak it.

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This is a good thing. It teaches you not to spend 120 bucks on your head.

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I agree with @Seek. Go back and speak to the owner. They should do something to rectify the issue, that results in your satisfaction.

I get my hair colored, and on one occasion I was not happy with the result. I went back and they put some glaze in it, which modified the color and resulted in my satisfaction. I went and nicely spoke to the owner, and then he and the colorist consulted and put the glaze in.

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Have you spoken with the Salon manager/owner yet? This is the route I would go here.

You most certainly are in the right to ask for this to be repaired.

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I totally understand and sympathize with you. Over the years, I’ve become increasingly bolder about voicing complaints when I feel abused by a store or service provider. I’ve found that when approached correctly—i.e., if you’re firm and polite rather than angry and threatening—most reputable companies that value steady customers and want to keep them are willing to make recompense. And those that do not, don’t deserve further patronage.

My process is to start with a polite letter or email, and if that’s not answered, I call or visit the establishment. Calling right off the bat is probably the best way, but sometimes I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.

However you proceed, contacting the company in some way is the only way you will begin feel better about this. “The Customer Is Always Right” policy can still be found—you just have to pursue it.

I must say I have a very good track record having money refunded or a service redone for free. and I wish you luck in getting a free redo or some money back.

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Calling or emailing is not the way to get your hair color corrected. You need to go to the salon so you can discuss your hair color with the owner. The owner and the colorist need to see what you are talking about. It’s not even a matter of being firm. It’s a matter of being polite and discussing what you are unhappy with.

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If your hair was porous (meaning coloured beforehand) she might have gone darker as it will wash out lighter.

I would go back and explain you are not happy. Most hairdressers will either put your mind at rest, change it or do what is required.

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Absolutely go in. A phone call or email can be ignored or blown off more easily than seeing you in person. I’ve gone back on very rare occasions and the hairdresser has in all but one case tried to set things right.

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I think you’re asking the wrong people.

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