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Sports Gurus Sound Off: If the best athletes all played soccer growing up would we be a top 5 soccer club come World Cup play?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) June 4th, 2014

I used to think as a teen growing up all our best players just hover to other sports aside from soccer. But now that I think about it, just as some soccer players may have trouble dribbling a ball or have the potential to be really great at it, some basketball players may not have such a great potential to be great with their legs. But who knows!

What are your thoughts with the OP?

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Sorry this is asking about the USA! How American of me to assume you’d know that I was referring to USA

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Well, let me list the top 5 American athletes (in no particular order) in my opinion:
Tiger Woods
Kobe Bryant
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Tom Brady
LeBron James

That is one shitty soccer team. Kobe would never pass, Tiger would be out with a knee or back injury pretty quickly, Floyd Mayweather Jr. would need Justin Beiber to bail him out of jail. That leaves Tom and LeBron.

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Impossible to say, all sports require different skills, football comprising of speed, strength, vision, energy, stamina & coordination.
Most other sports have a lot of those attributes, but there’s a subtle distinction to the application in each one.

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Possibly. But the reason we aren’t a top 5 club has nothing to do with whether or not we have the talent. We could BUY the talent. There’s just not a sizable fan base to generate the revenues necessary to steer a talented athlete toward soccer in the United States. No one’s going to get a soccer scholarship to Notre Dame.

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Yes, population, variety, the amount of time dedicated to sports, and overall weather would pretty much make sure we’d have a top 5 soccer/football team, if it was popular.

@stanleybmanly – Notre Dame won the 2013 National Men’s Championship, they’re mostly, if not all, on scholarship.

edited to correct myself: it appears they can offer up to the equivalent of 9.9 full scholarships on each team

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