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Can I get some opinions? (Details inside)

Asked by GloPro (8311points) June 4th, 2014 from iPhone

A good friend came to visit me from South Africa last week. Just prior to her arrival she asked for my physical address for UPS to deliver a leather jacket she purchased in Houston and left at her friend’s house there.

The package had my friend’s name on it, not mine. She got a delivery confirmation email on Friday at 1:45pm. I got home at 4pm and no package was waiting. Long story short I contacted all 4 businesses below my apartment and none had gotten the package. My neighbor also said she didn’t see the package.

I called UPS and they sent the driver back over. He told me he left the package right beside the wide open door to my neighbor’s apartment. I believe that because she always leaves that door open. Just inside that open door is a chaise lounge, which currently has 3 name brand, expensive leather purses sitting on it. Those bags are not a foot from the door.

I pressed my neighbor again. She denies ever seeing the package. I cannot fathom that the one time anyone ever comes upstairs to our deck is the two hour window after a package was delivered, and that package is the only thing stolen when 3 purses were less than 2 feet from the open door the box was left in front of.

My friend returned to South Africa and filed with UPS. UPS Houston wants to file a police report against my neighbor for stealing and wants my statement.

I am torn because I cannot see how only that package was taken. My neighbor has blatantly lied to me in the past, and has commandeered a couple of clothing items from me, but I struggle to believe she would steal this jacket (although it is a $500 leather jacket). She is a very good friend to me and helps me with my dog. We take care of each other. This situation has the potential to ruin that friendship.

Ask additional details as needed. Advice or feedback is most appreciated.

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