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How do I heal my heels?

Asked by GloPro (8306points) June 5th, 2014 from iPhone

My feet… They’re cute til you look at the bottoms. My heels are dry and cracking. I absent-mindedly pick at them and peel off thick layers of dead, hard skin around them. Then they hurt to walk on, harden back up, and the cycle starts over.

How can I fix my funky feet?

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My feet get calluses on them too, but if I wear shoes and socks rather than flipflops, the calluses remain supple and easier to deal with. I get a PED egg and using those tools, I file them down rather than pick at them. The PED egg has two surfaces for calluses, one a bit like a cheese grater and the other like sand paper. If your calluses are extremely thick you could start with the cheese grater and finish with the sand paper.

There is also a product called NEW skin.
Although it doesn’t say on this website, it says on my bottle that you can remove a callus and use it to help prevent future callus formation. I have also picked my calluses and experienced the same pain you do. New Skin fixes that problem. (Yaay!)

One caution, if you have any sort of infection, NEVER use New Skin. It will seal it in. New Skin has lots of clove in it, so although it stings a bit if you apply it to a raw wound, it relieves pain once it cures.

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As much as it is tempting, quit picking at them.

Soak your tootsies in warm water,with epsom salts if you can. 15 to 20 minutes at night. Then after you dry them, apply moisturizing lotion, and put some socks on.

And, do you wear socks or socklets at all? Better than having your feet rubbing against your shoes all day. If you go barefoot a lot. start wearing shoes.

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This has worked wonders for me, as well as wearing socks a lot.

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Stop picking at them, obviously.

I would probably try applying Creamy Vaseline liberally before bed, then putting on a pair of short (no show) socks to keep it on my feet. Once you get ‘heeled’ up, doing that once a week or so should keep you in good shape.

Personally, I would also try some sort of athletes foot treatment. It’s meant to be soothing as well as curing, and you never know?


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Try a moisturiser with 25% urea in it. Its very good at sorting out really sore dry skin.

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I use New Skin regularly for small sores, BTW, and do not believe this would be a good application for it.

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This stuff really worked to heal cracks for my husband.

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Are you hydrated?

Have you looked into your socks as a possible reason?

Like everyone else said. Stop picking at it!

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I just saw a Facebook post that said to soak them in blue Lysterine and Vinegar I haven’t tried it yet though.
I recently found an enzyme ointment at the pharmacy that worked better than anything else I have tried. You put it on morning and night. It cleared it up in less than a week. Only problem is now that it’s sandal weather I’m not wearing socks and I don’t want to get my shoes greasy.

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Wear shoes that fit well. Calluses develop usually because the area is getting rubbed. Although, on the bottom of your feet they more than likely develop so you can stand and walk for a long time.

I have said it many time, dancers pray for the calluses. Once the calluses develop their feet stop blistering and hurting. I don’t understand people who want baby soft soles of their feet. I never even knew of such a thing until I was in my 30’s and had my first pedicure. It doesn’t make much sense to me. You walk on your feet, of course the bottom of your feet might toughen up a little.

Stop picking, use some moisturizer if you want, and let nature do what it is supposed to do. You can exfoliate the area a little, but don’t completely remove the hard skin.

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I am having this same problem myself right now. I get Pedicures but they say using the callous shaver makes the cracks worse and they always leave the cracks alone. They told me to use vaseline and socks but it didn’t work. My cracks get so deep its painful to walk and my feet bleed. I picked up a new product from the drugstore called Callex- it has petroleum in it along with other ingredients. It seems to have helped after I’ve used it a couple days, but it says for the full results it takes 4 weeks. Good luck, having cracked feet is painful!

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Aveeno Eczema Therapy Cream softened my heels and my all over very fast, a couple of days’ use. The PED eggs are really good initially as long as you aren’t overzealous. For maintenance, I’ve found the black pumice stone from Sally’s to work the best. I also started using the Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash which I use as makeup remover and facial wash, too. These two Aveeno products really simplified my overall cleansing routine.

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@Emmy1234 Shaving is illegal in some states, you might want to check. I Let them shave my feet once against my better judgement and it took me months to get back to normal. I don’t know why I don’t listen to my inner voice more often.

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Never tried this..i read in a magazine (First For Women)..if you soak your feet for 20 minutes in a ¼ cup of powdered milk and warm water it leaves your feet baby soft.

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I’m doing it! Powdered milk? Where do I buy that?

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You buy it in the supermarket.

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Hm, as someone who likes running and barefoot at times I wonder if I will eventually get this?

Do most people have this issue?

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