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What's the best approach to splash painting a wall?

Asked by marla (27points) July 4th, 2008

Has anyone used water balloons to paint to achieve a splash affect on a wall? Or other method?

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hmmmm, water balloons sounds explosive, I think you’ll get too much paint back out into the room. I’d just get small buckets and fill em, then splash it “across” the wall so that it doesn’t come back at you. Although I’ve never done any of this, I’m just guessing.

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Mr. Bean had a couple of ideas….
...if that’s not what you want, then Bree’s idea is good, just remember to clear out the room and cover the areas you don’t want splashed (floor, etc.)

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have you ever seen how blood splatter analysis is done? I will get on the computer and find a link for you, I think it would be an excellent way to do the type of painting your talking about.

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boy does THAT sound fun!!! Does sound like it could get messy though. I’d put a ton of tarp down. Wouldn’t sponges create the same effect? Ooo! Or a water gun?!!

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Water gun sounds good because you can aim. Sponges will work too if you throw them,
but they’ll leave a spongey texture where they actually hit the wall.

Of course it’s messy.

Another idea would be to download some really attractive splash patterns, have them blown up huge, trace them on the wall and carefully paint inside the lines. It would look like it was spontaneous but ironically take weeks. That would be lots of fun.

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I’d do it like susanc said, cept I’d shade inside the pattern and turn it into graffiti in a sense.

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Hey that’s a good idea. Show us what you end up doing.

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Thanks for the many great responses to my question a couple weeks ago. If I knew how to attach a photo, I’d post a picture of how it turned out. It was great; used a water gun (the big kind) and threw cups of paint at the wall. What a “blast”! The water balloon we couldn’t fill with paint…though later somebody suggested we should have used the water gun to fill the balloons. Might I say, should anybody want to try this, major tarp needs to be well secured to cover ceiling, floor and any other walls you don’t want splashed.

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