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I just tried to PM the green jelly who used to be called Tom. Is anyone else getting Neptune?

Asked by longgone (12437points) June 5th, 2014

My computer’s been flashing random pages all day, so I’m not sure whether it is to be trusted…

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If you are referring to the user @tom_g, then that account was voluntarily disabled.

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Yes, I have been getting the Neptune the last hour or so too.

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The Hominid account is gone, too. He didn’t even say good-bye to me this time. Boo-hoo. But I knew he wasn’t going to be around long.

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Bummer…I liked them both. Easy come, easy go, I’ll probably still be here when I am fucking 87. lol

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Why did Hominid leave?

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Oh, man. I thought he was about to leave, but still. I’ll miss him :/

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Hominid was Tom_G’s new account, post-ETPro’s leaving.

It was a trial-return to see if atmosphere would become more skeptic-friendly and go back to being fun again. For him, it didn’t.

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^^^ We gotta make our own fun, like happiness. I have fun here every day. :-)

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