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Has anyone here had any luck with learning ASL from home?

Asked by Emilyy (2133points) July 5th, 2008

I don’t have a ton of time for actual classes, so I was looking for an awesome website or Mac-compatible program that I could use to teach myself. Any suggestions?

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I’ve always been really interested in learning asl too, and have the same problem. I’ve resolved to learn once I finish school.

Side though, I think what’s really helpful is having some one near you know it and talk you with it regularly. Perhaps some one who would learn with you? Sign language is an easy thing to make yourself practice by going to public places and talking trash about the people around you. :) Given they themselves aren’t deaf.

Also, I do hope you’re talking about American Sign Language.

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Yes, American Sign Language. My best friend lost her hearing which is why I want to learn, so hopefully she and I could practice together. But I’d like to be able to learn in m free time also so she wouldn’t have to act as a teacher. You know? But maybe you’re right, maybe a friend would like to learn with me.

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Well if you have some one who you’ll be talking with then that’s what I think counts. Not so that she can act as a teacher, but so that you can have some one to practice with. For some reason this seems to be more important with ASL than other spoken languages, from what I’ve seen.

And if you’re learning it to talk with her, than that won’t even be much of an effort for you.

I hope that works out, sorry I can’t be of more help with an actual education source, but I would just scour google if I were you.

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We used this site to help learn so we could teach our kids. It’s fabu from a vocabulary perspective.

Now semantics and syntax are a different story. We took a 6 week evening community college class to learn the basics there. But since we don’t have any ASL speakers to converse with it didn’t relaly stick for long.

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