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What is wrong with releasing 5 Islamist jihadis?

Asked by josie (27384points) June 5th, 2014

The civilized world is spared having to watch a video of a US soldier getting his head cut off with a bread knife or being burned alive.

Plus, now those guys are legitimate targets for a drone launched Hellfire missile-something that could not have happened while they were in Cuba.

What’s the problem?

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What are we going to do with them? Execute them? That creates martyrs. It probably was the best deal we could get for the soldier’s return. I don’t know what the complete story is going to be.

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Nothing, as far as I’m concerned. Releasing them back into the enemy fold allows clear and unfettered targeting of enemy forces with those released being additional strike benefits.

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Because they might kill more people… and how long are we supposed to not kill them? Do they get a head start or a grace period?

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I just hope they drugged them and embedded miniscule tracking devices in them before they were released. i.e. ‘pet tags’.

They were all former Islamic Fundamentalist leaders. Perhaps we don’t want to replace the leaders we’ve eliminated?

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I think they should form a boy band, there’s a definite gap in the market.

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We have a sneaky government. I predict they will all mysteriously die, one at a time. It’s not like we could execute them on the inside. We had to free them to kill them.

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The problem is now any American/Soldier is a potential kidnap target to be used as a bargaining chip to exchange for more Gitmo detainees. I bet Gitmo will be vacant by years end because of this exchange.

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Read the details. That was my point

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@josie I don’t think it will be so overt. I think they will be killed under the guise of internal fighting, not at the hands of the USA. At least that’s the story the world will hear.

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Wasn’t one of the 520 Guantanamo prisoners that W released for nothing in return associated with the Benghazi attack?

If so, then what is wrong is that a black Democrat is in the Oval Office; the prisoners are merely a talking point.

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