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Why do I have right side cramp when sitting down for an extended period amount of time?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) June 5th, 2014

Never the left side. This pain seems to radiate only from the abs along the ribcage side. I’ve had this for about 3 years now. If I walk around it goes away, if I lay on it it doesn’t hurt.

What’s going on?

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Right side is usually either appendix or gall bladder when it comes to organ pain, but since yours is just from a position, maybe it is muscular. It certainly doesn’t sound like it is appendix (usually lower right side). It could be gall bladder (right side behind the rib cage, but usually extremely painful when it is a severe attack) but it would be such a minor episode there would not be much to be done except maybe to lower your fat intake, which might be a good idea anyway. Your liver is over there, but I don’t see why that symptom would be your liver.

Does it have any relationship to when you eat?

It could just be a muscle cramp that comes and goes.

Have you asked your doctor about it?

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A gallbladder might be extremely painful if you have gallstones but mine acrid up if I eat a fatty meal and it’s just uncomfortable. I have polyps, not stones.

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@Judi That’s interesting about the polyps. I didn’t know polyps were a possibility. Do they carry a cancer risk? I have never had my upper GI sporadic discomfort evaluated, because I don’t think the doctor can do anything about even if they saw something. I sometimes get what I assume is mild gall bladder pain, although I have never been able to specifically pin my symptoms to high fat meals, although when it happens a few times in a row I try to lower my fat intake just in case. I can get the pain a few times in a few weeks and then not have it for years. Or, it might occur a few months apart. No pattern, except I do think maybe it happens more when I am constipated. I get a lot of upper GI symptoms from constipation. I never would have related the two except a GI doctor who was shopping where I worked years ago mentioned it.

@pleiades I forgot to mention that it could just be gas also. My mom used to get bad pain when she was a kid from salami and certain other foods and she determined it was gas.

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They found the polyps after during an unrelated ultrasound. My doctor wanted me to remove my gallbladder but we decided to give it some time and see if they grew. I haven’t had the follow up yet.

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Don’t remove it on the advice of one doctor. Money money. In the last week two of my friends told me two more money grubbing doctor stories, and you know how I already feel about it. Not that I think you should rule out surgery if you develop bad discomfort, it just is so obvious to me now that all too many doctors don’t worry about possible complication with procedures and suggest any procedure they can that will make them more money. Sounds like a good idea to monitor them though.

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Sitting for a long time is a bad idea in general. It’s something we all do anyway especially if we have desk jobs. The best way to combat this is to keep getting up at regular intervals. The whole thing is that sitting cuts off/slows down your blood circulation. Does it feel like you have less energy?

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My doctor would ha referred me out but I just wasn’t ready for another surgery. He agreed it would be ok to wait and monitor it. It’s about time to get another ultrasound soon.

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I did a little google and it says the size of the polyps usually help to indicate if they are possibly cancerous. Cancer is quite rare there. So, the monitoring seems well advised.

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@Judi Is this the reason you took up juicing? I’m sure you will be fine :)

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No. I was just found a 30 day juice cleanse. Getting ready to do the Dr Mark Hymen Detox diet soon.

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