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Have you ever gone to ask a question, only to find that question has already been you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36366points) June 6th, 2014

I came across this website about pet preservation, so I thought I’d ask if you’d ever have your deceased pet stuffed. Turns out I asked that question back in 2011.

Do you remember all of the questions you’ve asked here?

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I usually get a feeling if i’ve asked the same question already & either go with it, if it was asked ages ago, or drop it like a hot potato if it was recently.

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I did. I had asked the question word for word a full year before.

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Great minds think alike @filmfann!

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Yeah…haha. I wanted to ask what everyone’s favorite insects are…then I found out that some random hoe already asked it, and I was that hoe.

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Good! Not feeling so stupid now!

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Every valentines day (or there a bouts) I ask my vagina question only now they won’t let me put the word vagina in the title.

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What was that, @Dutchess_III? ‘Great minds blink alike?’

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Maybe right now ~

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