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What is wrong with this woman concerning her dog?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40366points) June 6th, 2014

A friend of mine is dating the son (aged 28) of a woman who has a small yappy dog. A couple of times my friend and her BF went to visit the mother, bringing her toddler with her. This dog was always growling at the baby when they came to visit. The mother just laughed and says,“Oh, he’s harmless! Isn’t he cute?”
Well, on the second visit the dog actually bit the baby on the face. It was completely unprovoked. My friend freaked out, of course and the mother just down played it, said the doggie didn’t really hurt the baby, who was standing there, crying, with blood running down her face. When my friend became angry and said she was going to report the dog the mother gently tapped the dog on the nose and said, “You should be ashamed,Toto!”

Well, needless to say my friend has never been back. However today her BF told her his mother’s sister came to visit and brought her dog, who is quite a bit bigger than Toto. Toto challenged that dog (my friend said Toto is just a little asshole!) and they got into it. Toto lost. The mother was just freaking out! Well, it turns out the dog just had a small puncture wound on his ear. It only bleed for a moment, but the mother freaked out for an hour, crying and sobbing like she lost her best friend, then rushed the stupid dog to the vet.

My friend also said the mother has pictures of her dog, and another dog who is now dead, hanging on the wall…but no pictures of her kids or grandkids.

Do any of you have any explanation for the woman’s bizarre priorities?

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She’s an idiot.

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I think she has transferred all her feelings of loneliness, disappointments, anger, etc., to her dog and he doesn’t like it very much. Sad, but there might be hope for the dog once separated from the woman. The woman simply needs to be put down.

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^ What they said.

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LOL! I agree. Put her down! She seems like the person who would have their animals stuffed after death.

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I would say she has anthropomorphized the dog into her human child. Taking love for a pet to an unhealthy level.

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Wait… is this about the same dog and family members you mentioned a few months ago? That was a remarkably similar story. Did the dog bite again?

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This is a different situation, same mind set. People are idiots.

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My mother in law was like this woman. She died. Her husband will be coming to visit us in a few weeks, and will be bringing “Devil Dog” (his nickname for the dog) with him.

I think I could tame it, but I have a hunch the dog will be put down when he dies. It’s sad, because the dog is simply gorgeous.

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Obviously the woman is not breastfeeding her dog enough. : )

But seriously, any adult or child getting bitten by a dog in the face could end up disastrously. Read one person’s facial nerve got severed and she ended with a permanent twitch.

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She sounds more like a cat owner, the ones who dote on them in an extremely idiotic way.
Daft bitch

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Wow! Breast feeding a dog! There’s gotta be something like that on YouTube be right back…. OMFG! There are several! Including breast feeding a squirrel!

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Only you @majorrich! LOL! :D

If she had a big dog that acted like that, the sucker would have been dead a long time ago.

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Jesus. We’re done for.

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Come to think of it. Breastfeeding a dog could….could be nothing compared to sleeping with a dog. And it’s out there. Right now. Yikes. ( just checked to make sure this is in social…lol )

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Breastfed by a dawg, go on…teat yourself.

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