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Is there any way to block violent images on my Macbook Pro?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5663points) June 6th, 2014

I don’t want a full-on filter that blocks ‘adult content’ like sexuality, nudity, etc. but I hate when I see something violent and I’m not prepared for it. I’d like to have more control over what I see and when.

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This may help you… But it’s really hard to have such controls. I’m sure you can set up a code that makes your browser able to block all things with the term, “Violent” in it and then you can insert all sorts of adjectives that would reject those stories. How it’s done I’m not sure. You’ll have to look that code up. But you’ve got a lead!

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@pleiades It’s only really effective if the post containing the image has the right keywords. Otherwise, about the best it can do is blacklist entire sites; goodbye Facebook.

What’s needed here is for the entire internet to be viewed and tagged by an entity with enough intuition to judge what is/isn’t violent (so no computer programs; it must be a sentient being) yet objective (so, no humans). Whether it’s lack of technology or lack of enlightenment, such a filter isn’t really possible at this time.

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Images don’t really come with some “gore” Exif metadata. You will just have to learn to click the back button really fast or stop using the internet.

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@johnpowell And if they did, they might lie.

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There is no ideal technology for blocking (identifying) content.

And thank God. That’s not a world I want to live in.

The best I care to hope for is tags, implemented by HUMANS for humans.

Perhaps it’s my connections to the funeral industry but I believe mankind has become too soft. Everyone wishes to forget that while intellectually astonishing we are still profoundly physically fragile.

The reality is that in nature gore is the rule, not the exception.

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@SecondHandStoke Given human’s fear of death, that reality is frightening enough to paralyze our astonishing minds. In a way, pushing our physical frailty out of our minds is a survival mechanism. The fight-or-flight mechanism doesn’t work against death; it cannot be defeated or outrun, so we deal with it the only other way we know how.

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What you want is basically an artificial intelligence that looks at the pictures beforehand and makes a judgement on whether or not it depicts violence.
So no, you can not have it.

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