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How would you change the world if you could?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) June 7th, 2014

What steps would you take?
What changes could you make?
Which solutions or modifications would you bring to the world?

Please explain your answers in as much detail as possible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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21 Answers

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Exterminate Humans.

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Get rid of global warning.

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I wouldn’t, none of us have that right when we’re nothing but temporary residents on this rock.

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Outlaw religion, all types. Anyone caught practicing would be sentenced to 100 hours of science courses. A second offense would be 300 hours. 3rd, 1000 hours. Non compliance would get you thrown in jail for the equivalent time. There would be no fourth offense. At that point, you’d be considered beyond redemption and imprisoned for life.

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You’d be amazed at what I could accomplish with the Death Note.

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I’d create school centers which resemble playgrounds, so kids may actually enjoy learning. I’d hire smart and fun teachers, as well as making sure every kid has just one stable person in his life – from birth.

I would also tackle the way we deal with our surroundings. There’d be huge changes in the general aproach to animals, and I’d get to work restoring some natural habitats.

Lastly, I’d install a tub in my bathroom.

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Blow it up into smithereens!

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Force teenage girls to look up “sassy” in a dictionary.

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Mrs. Fields would be president of the world.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

I’d leave the world alone but make some tweaks to society.

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End global warming/climate change.

Stop the deforestation of the rain forests.

End reliance on fossil fuels totally. No more mining, no more pipelines, no more oil wells in the ocean or Alaska and no more threats of fracking anywhere.

End all animal cruelty.

End factory farming. All meat that we consume would come from farms where animals are treated kindly.

We return to a time of prosperity where jobs were plentiful and pay a livable wage. Even people with only high school diplomas can get decent jobs where they advance. The 1% stop making laws that benefit only them (i.e. the Koch Brothers) and we go back to a time where things were more equal.

Cure cancer, smallpox, MS, diabetes, polio, Alzheimers, and other major, debilitating and deadly diseases.

I’m not prepared to justify or argue about any of my points. This is a “best case scenario in a perfect world” and I realize that none of it is realistic.

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Rid the world of parasites. Human included.

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So many people dream about changing the world, and it pretty much stays the same.

I would submit that those of you who condemn humanity are overlooking the fact that the things you hate are what happens when people try to “change the world”.

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Tooling around in the passing lane would become punishable by death.

I’d do what I can to make people understand that the Earth is big and old enough to know what the hell it’s doing.

I would absolutely smash the nannystate.

I would eliminate all legislation that has the effect of punishing the innocent. For example people that use controlled substances and firearms lawfully would no longer be frustrated by the state.

I would push for a constitutional amendment (I do not take this lightly) that prohibits the use of taxation to modify citizen’s behavior. Taxation is for the purpose of collecting revenue.

I would dismantle the so called legal hate crime scheme. It is not any sort of model for equality and is utterly unconstitutional.

I would offer the “humans suck and should go extinct” set a way to end their own lives, humanely if their sense of self loathing allows it. How are supposed to populate the cosmos if everyone’s dead?

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I would leave the world pretty must as she sits. I would maybe tweak the continents a little to take care of that wobble, and maybe fix the magnetic poles to make it easier to navigate. (Dad burned magnetic declination) I almost failed land nav because I made an error, but another error counteracted the first and cancelled it out. Maybe I would give everybody the same amount of petroleum deposits. That would stop a mess of squabbling.

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Spit roast Ann Coulter.

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Which end do you want?

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@GloPro I do not accept this answer from you. I don’t believe you really feel this way about humans.

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^^ Not all humans.

According to the dictionary, the derogatory term means “a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.”

I believe the world would be a better place without those folks.

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When I’m king, I’m going to make the settings on fans go off, low, medium, high instead of off, high, medium, low.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

@GloPro I see, clarification accepted. Agreed.

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