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What phrases did you use during recess?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) June 7th, 2014

My school had “goal suck” ... for someone offside hanging around the opposing teams goal. Usually about soccer. “Pile on” where everyone jumps on to one person making a pile which one cannot escape.

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The most common phrase: Recharging.


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“Ollie-ollie in-free!”

When there was a new “it”, and we had to recall the rest of the players of hide-and-seek.

“Babysitting the base”, when “it” wouldn’t go more than five feet away from the base because we all knew he was too slow to actually catch anyone.

“Handball” – a game I have never seen anyone play outside of the New York public school system. I actually rather miss it.

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^^ We said, “Ollie-ollie income free.” I have no longer any idea why or in aid of what game, however.

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I had no friends when I was in the 3–6 grades. I used to ask teachers for lunchtime detention so I could at least pretend like there was a reason I had no friends to hang out with.

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“Olly, olly, olly,
Tits in a trolley,
Balls in a biscuit tin.”

“Sitting on the grass,
With me finger up me arse,
Playing with me ding-a-ling-ling.”

I’d hang around with the fit girls…a lot

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“Miss me, miss me, now ya gotta kiss me!”

Usually used in dodge ball or a game of tag.

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“Not it!”
“Not it!”
“Not it!”
“Not it!”

“You’re it!”

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We said ollie ollie oxen free.

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“Please don’t beat me up”
“Ok, take all my money”
“Yes, I’ll do your homework.”

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@DWW25921 Were they open carrying? :-)

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I went to grade school in Massachusetts… Not likely.

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@gailcalled We used Ollie Ollie In Free when playing hide and seek, when the searcher gave up. I always said “Ollie,” but I assumed it was a version of “All.”

I used to be Cat Woman quite frequently. I must have said, “It’s puuurrrrrfect” about 50 times a recess.

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“Red rover, red rover, send Stanley right over.”

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“I can see your underpants!”

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