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Has the Bermuda Triangle lost its mysterious power?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25185points) June 8th, 2014

Haven’t hear anything lately about a ship or an airplane disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. Not that I want anything to get lost of course but what could be the reason-?

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The reporters got lost there, too.

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I suspect that the UFOs were sucking the stuff up into space, and when the UFOs waned (read, the era of rampant recreational psychotropic drugs ended), the Triangle became more of a traffic circle.

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@dxs Or no one wants to go there again for fear of getting lost?

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Flasgback to the 70’s, yeah, all those boats and planes that disappeared were over “loaded” with massive kilos of weed and cocaine as were their pilots and captains. ” Whoa dude, have another hit that squall looks pretty wild man.” haha

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I always hated Barry Manilow

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They found that the issue in that area had to do with a bunch of underseas electrical and telephone cables being damaged and leaking electricity between the cables. That itself caused various electromagnetic phenomena in the whole area.

The scientists have decided that “bermuda triangle” is really an inaccurate name, because it describes the location, and not the real underlying electrical problems.

The new name is “Bermuda Shorts”.

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For real huh… : )

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@mazingerz88 – would I lie to you?

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Just called Mulder and Scully. They suspect the cable issue is a cover story and they will uncover the truth in their third movie. LOL : )

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Great! I can watch it on…... (drum roll…) ....... cable.

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What if….when a certain number of people watch a certain number of crappy tv shows, that causes the electromagnetic phenomena that brings down an airplane or suck a ship into the deep abyss-? heh heh : )

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^^^^ Pretty sure Honey Boo Boo would lead the list of casualties there. lol

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What happened is that people realized the Bermuda Triangle myth was a bunch of nonsense. Yes, ships do disappear there sometimes, but no more than you would expect for an area that’s one of the most heavily trafficked shipping lanes on the planet.

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I wish I could remember all the new words I learn here. ”Flagsback” (okay, that’s the way I read it), is a really cool word.

“Flagsback: a play on flashback meaning an event in the past that was very important to the speaker.”

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The Bermuda triangle has been debunked so thoroughly so many times that it is getting boring to keep seeing this question.

Sorry, but there it is.

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You bumped a two year old thread just to complain about it? That’s logical.

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@Darth_Algar Why do you keep griping about my posts? Have I said something to offend you in any way?

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Where else have I “griped” about your posts? I’m simply remarking on the absurdity of digging up a two year-old, long dormant thread just to complain about seeing it.

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Well, you are being awfully unfriendly, considering that you have no particular reason to gripe.

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I’m not griping, you were, and for no particular reason.

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The Bermuda Triangle is the subject of a sophomoric hoax, so it really has no mysterious power. It’s only normal for planes and boats to sink out of sight in deep water. This area has no more disappearances than any other similar area in the world’s oceans. Insurance companies don’t charge higher premiums for ships that travel in this area. They would go bankrupt if it really was as dangerous as the hoax claims. I see Darth Algar is at it again. I guess every Q&A website has some such hotheads.

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The Powers That Be are hushing it up, because they can’t explain it.

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There is no mystery about this region. There is a hoary hoax about it that sold some books and magazine articles. I think Charles Berlitz was one of the earliest to write a book about it. It is simply natural for some ships, boats and airplanes to disappear in any parts of the world’s seas, but there in no firm evidence that this region is any more dangerous than any other area of the seas. Books and articles exaggerate a nd invent incidents to enhance the hoax. It has been soundly-refuted many times by now. Nomore, there is nothing to explain!

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