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Who really won the war in the movie Edge of Tomorrow?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) June 8th, 2014


By they time Tom’s character started doing what he can do, exercising all that power, hasn’t the enemy already won that version of the war and whatever happened next occurred in another dimension with an alternative ending-?

Which means it’s basically a tie-?

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I don’t know about the movie (haven’t seen it yet), but in the Manga and comics (All You Need is Kill), that was just a – though decisive in whether or not humanity continues to live or not – battle. The war is still far from over.

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Tom won. When he killed the omega, he got its blood. He got the save point. The author has admitted it is all video game logic. Tom’s save point was 30 hours. The Omega’s save point was like 48. So the good guys won.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Sorry but I don’t get what a save point is. Oh wait, yeah as in saving a video game play right-? ha ha Thanks I get it now. : )

Ok, I think I get it though. So when Tom got killed the first time, and that enemy along with him, the Omega and Tom both at that same time, reset the clock and went back at exactly the same time in the past-?

I think I heard in the dialogue that whenever that elite alien fighter gets killed, the Omega resets the clock.

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So, you are playing a video game, you know you are fighting a tough enemy, you save your game.

The omega set things up so if any of his important units dies, just do an automatic reload from the latest reload. When Tom killed an important unit, he became an important unit by getting that blood. Any time he died, reload.

The Omega sets the rules, however. Tom killed it and got his blood. It is such a rare event in the conquest of the universe the aliens have no defense. He gets to reset from the Omega;s save point, having killed it.

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Got it. Tom becomes another reset unit the alien is unable to differentiate from the others…in time to protect and eventually save itself. That’s the way it is.

Otherwise there will be no story. Thanks @Imadethisupwithnoforethought.… :)

This means all that time Tom spent resetting, not one elite alien unit got killed. Because if that happens, there will be other resetting and not just by Tom….and how would that affect Tom’s resets-?

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So, now that he has Omega blood, does that mean he’ll live forever?

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I’m afraid this is the 100th time you’ve asked the same question here @syz.… : ) I know, I counted….lol

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