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What is your preferred way to brew coffee and why?

Asked by canidmajor (11527points) June 9th, 2014

How do you like your morning cuppa Joe? Drip? Percolated? French press? Cold brew? Keurig type (or equivalent)? Aeropress? (I linked that last one because I think it’s pretty new and may be unfamiliar to some.)

Please share the how and why!

My old drip is dying, I’m considering something new.

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I grind my own beans and use drip. I have a French press but don’t use it often.

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No idea. We have an espresso machine at work.
Half of that, the rest milk.

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At work, I use a little drip 20 oz one. At home, I have a Keurig which I love the convenience of, and I use Paul Newman coffee from Costco. I also have a French press, which makes superior coffee (hot and oily the way it should be) but it’s buried in the cabinet somewhere and so I use it rarely.

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I tried a french press someone made for me at work once. There was hardly any bitter taste, which is why I hate coffee.

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I use a french press with a variety of coffee my BBE has been sending me. I like my coffee the opposite of how I like my men.

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Mr. Coffee because it is quick, easy, and convenient and as long as it is strong and hot I coffee is fine with me.

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I drink instant coffee. I’m sure most of you will balk at the thought, but I like it and it’s quick. I make it extra strong too.

I don’t see the point in getting all fancy with coffee or anything really.

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@flip86: Do you prefer a special brand like Starbuck’s Via? or any brand?

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Keurig. Coffee’s not great but it’s fast and easy.

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French Press. It’s a world of difference.

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@Pachy: You may try changing the brand you drink.

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@flip86, I was thinking the same thing with my Mr. Coffee answer. While I can appreciate a great cup of coffee, I am perfectly content drinking regular old joe, much more practical and affordable.

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Has anyone tried AeroPress? I’ve only seen PR about it, I’m curious about personal experience.

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@Seek:How is it different for you? I sometimes use mine, but mostly only when I want a single cup and I’m in a hurry, so I don’t notice. (I can be pretty oblivious when I’m in a hurry)

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With anger and misanthropy

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@jca I drink Maxwell House instant. Serves the purpose. Tried the Folgers stuff once and it was not good, even for my low standards.

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@canidmajor: The French Press first of all makes the coffee nice and hot, as it is boiling when you put the water in. Also, since the press does not use paper filters, and paper filters take the oil out of the coffee, which is what makes coffee full bodied, coffee with a press is superior.

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This is probably sacrilege, but I drink instant coffee from the dollar store. Tastes fine to me and does the trick of waking me up in the morning. I think all of the fancy stuff tastes super bitter, although I do love Ikea’s brewed coffee. It’s very mellow.

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French press.

Quality and simplicity.

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Well, @jca, I guess that explains why I don’t really notice a difference. The heater on my old drip has been too hot lately and I haven’t used a paper filter for a few years. :-)

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Actually, I measure my water to 172 degrees, not boiling. This was recommended to me by a friend who owns a small roastery. 172 degrees, steep for four minutes and press.

Otherwise @jca is right on – it’s all about the oils, especially when you’ve got a really good coffee.

I’m kind of sworn to not being the kind of person that can’t see colours until they have their coffee, so the ritual of grinding, heating, pouring, steeping… it works for me. And even fairly inexpensive coffee (my go-to is Eight O’Clock Coffee, Colombian roast) is pretty damned amazing.

mad props to @Gailcalled for getting me started with French Pressed coffee

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Right before I kicked his ass out, my ex bought an aeropress. It makes one cup at a time and it took so long to set up, it drove me nuts and he always made a mess with it and never cleaned up. I didn’t think the coffee tasted any nicer than my french press and I wouldn’t have thrown that pretentious piece of shit out the window after cleaning up after it all day. It made no sense to me to use something like that when you drank several cups a day.

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Good to know, @cazzie, thanks. Sounds like a bunch of work for nothing. I’m lazy and stupid in the AM, I don’t need the hassle. :-)

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