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What's the best way to ask a cab driver to not talk on the phone, and does it work?

Asked by WebBarbie (9points) July 5th, 2008

In my state cab drivers are not supposed to talk on the phone if you ask them not to, but how do you ask politely?

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You should just let them talk on their phones. Chances are it’s important.

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I don’t think there is much you can do except don’t tip them anything. If you are in heavy traffic you could possibly tell the driver you are uncomfortable with him using his cell phone while driving, but chances are he won’t care.

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all you have to do is say, don’t talk on the phone while I am in your cab. It works, I have done it. Unless you are in rush hour traffic in the middle of the city though, who really cares?

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Just ask him not to be on the phone while you are in the car. If it bothers you that much and he doesn’t do anything about it.

If they aren’t suppose to be on the phone when you ask them not to be then you can just get his cab # and file a complaint.

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You could also add, “If you insist on talking on the phone, then I insist you let me out of the cab.” Get out, don’t pay, and hail another cab (if this is feasible).

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They can’t do it in New York City cabs. It’s part of the passengers rights in the cab, the cab driver can’t talk on his cellphone during your ride. I think there is a number you can call to report the cab.

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“Excuse me, I’m not comfortable with you using the phone while you’re driving. Could you please hang up?”

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You can say something like..

Excuse me sir. You are driving a cab not a phone booth.

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You could say, ” I will give you an extra $100 if you hang up the phone.” I bet that one would work every time!

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