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What's the highest you've ever been?

Asked by Berserker (33519points) June 9th, 2014

The highest you’ve ever been, from something that was on the ground. Influenced by this video provided by CWOTUS.

The question is looking for the highest places that you’ve been on/inside of. This excludes airplanes; it needs to be something that is on the ground, like in a building, a tower like in the video, or a mountain you may have climbed. Stuff like that. This also excludes drugs. :p

Where was it, WHAT was it, why were you up there, and how was it? Share yo stories G.

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I was at Colorado State University for about a week some years ago. I don’t remember the town it’s in but I know it’s up in the mountains pretty high. Oh, Colorado Springs? I think that may be the name…

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I’m not sure, the Eiffel Tower maybe.
It’s in Paris
It’s a tower
I was up there because, well…just because
It was cool, you can look through these binocular things & marvel at the tiny French people below :D

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I can’t decide if it was the opium or the mushrooms, or maybe the acid, but I never want to go there again!~
By the way, that video makes me dizzy!
edit: I just read that you excluded drugs. Sorry. I’ve been up to the top of the empire state building and the Stratosphere in Vegas. Also to the edge of the grand canyon. The scariest to me is still an open air ferris wheel though.
I can handle just about any roller coaster but a ferriswheel makes my tummy rumble.

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Sears Tower Chicago, Illinois.

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I do not do drugs.

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you don’t bother to read pesky details either

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you know what happens when you assume?

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what do you mean, pesky?

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First french kiss…heh heh….: ) Second highest is french kissing a butthole. Ahhh, not really….LOL

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12,183 feet on Trail Ridge Rd in Estes Park, Colorado. Family vacation with my mother, father and siblings. 55 years ago.

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@ragingloli . . . It means I gave you the benefit of the doubt instead of believing you capable of the obvious go to quip?

@Symbeline . . . I’m a skimmer baby, born and bred.

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Hot air balloon tour, the Taipei 101 building in Taipei City Taiwan and also the same zone in Co. that @Tropical_Willie mentions.

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I have climbed to the observation point on Windy Ridge twice at Mt. St. Helen’s. I have also traveled to Paradise on Mt. Rainier elevation 5400 feet.

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I want to see someone beat this (650 meters)
Edit: oops nevermind

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I once stood at the top of the World Trade Center. I was in Denver, which I guess is at a higher elevation.

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The Taipei 101 building held the record for tallest building until 2010 when the Burj Khalifa was opened in Dubai. I was in Taipei in Feb./March of 2010, not sure when the Dubai skyscraper was opened that year.

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Wearing a pair of the wife’s Jimmy Choos comes a close second, almost got a nosebleed.

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World Trade Center was the highest I’ve been from the ground beneath me. I was quite young – maybe six or seven. It was before the first bombing (which would have been my second time – we were scheduled for a field trip).

I did Lookout Mountain, Rock City and Ruby Falls one summer, which had me standing up here

My husband has a picture of himself from his 30th birthday, when he had a job building cell phone towers. He was on a neighboring hill to Lookout Point, on top of the tower. That point was in the bottom-left of the picture. He was WAY above it.

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Burj Khalifa…have I won?

It was pretty awesome. City traffic seemed planned, somehow… Like there had to be some giant at work, flipping controls of his model trains.

It was lucky we got up there, since access had been denied for nine days of our ten-day-trip.

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I’ve done the CN Tower in Toronto. That’s up there pretty good for standing on an observation deck. The 120 meter ski jump at Lake Placid is pretty high.

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Thorong La, which is a pass in the Himalayas. At 17,764 feet, it was the high point on our trek around the Annapurna massif.

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World Trade Center, August 2001.

Sears Tower, May 2006.

But the Empire State Building is the highest outside, and it was raining.

(As instructed, I am not including mountains).

And I have been on some aerial trams that have been pretty damn high up in the air.

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Mountains in the Colorado Rockies and Swiss Alps – I was under the impression that mountains count, per the details, but was unsure since that is still technically “ground”.

The World Trade Center, Sears/Willis Tower in the clear observation cubes, Empire State Building; CN Tower, crown of the Statue of Liberty (back then the torch was off-limits).

I used to ride some super high roller coasters in my day – some of those were pretty tall.

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Pikes Peek in CO at 14,115 feet above sea level. I got altitude sickness. :(

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@hearkat I misread the instructions!

Highest I have ever been – Kachina Peak, NM. 12,481 feet. But that was somewhat aided by a ski lift.

Highest I’ve reached on foot – Tower Peak, CA – 11,755 feet.

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Chicago Sears Tower several times. I loved it. Especially when I went at night. Seeing so much of the city lit up was beautiful.

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CN Tower in Toronto. not only did I go up there, the glass floor actually cured me of my fear of heights. I had to sit down because it gave me vertigo but I wasn’t afraid after the first couple of minutes, and heights have never bothered me since then.

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@downtide – the Sears Tower skydeck cubicles are more intense than the CN Tower’s floor. My fiancé was ok in the cubicles only when he was looking through his camera viewfinder, but without it, he would reel. Sadly, he wasn’t cured of his fear of heights. They claim they’re still safe, even after they started to crack with people in them – I wouldn’t go in there again.

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Long’s Peak Colorado. 1973. 14, 256 feet high. Lightning storm whipped up out of nowhere on the way down the back side of the mountain. Wow!

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Mt. Evans, Colorado. Highest paved road in the US. Drove my ‘56 Pontiac. It was beautiful!

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