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What's with my cats and dairy?

Asked by andrew (16353points) July 5th, 2008

I have one cat who drinks the milk out of cereal bowls and another who goes crazy for powdered cheese. What gives? I thought cats were lactose intolerant.

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My cat goes nuts whenever he sees me get the milk out of the fridge! I too share the milk from my cereal with him, and the worst effect he has from it is getting the shivers. He also likes to lick the ceese of of my cheetohs, but he won’t eat them! Go figure!!

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My cat wakes me up every morning for a little bowl of milk! She’s get mad at me if I dont get the milk for her, and won’t look at me till I give her some milk. She’s crazy.

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I found some info about lactose intolerance and cats here. It also lists some other things that could cause a problem.

gail, if you read this, you might be interested in this blog. I stumbled onto it while looking for info for this thread.

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I worry too much about making my kitties sick. My treat for them is Kitty Cocaine (tuna juice). And sometimes I let them lick a bit of milk off my finger (just don’t tell my vet).

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It really isn’t a good idea. Cats love them, but they have no way to digest them properly. I think it like people and food allergies. People often love or crave what they are allergic to.

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@scamp; . Milo will lick an empty ice cream bowl, but it is pretty empty. Thanks for blog site

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I give one of my cats a can of tuna for his birthday. But now I hear that’s a very bad idea because of the mercury.
@gail,You’re welcome!

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I try and limit the tuna for that reason, and/or limit it to the tuna juice (sometimes watered down).

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Good idea!

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Birthday? Birthday! I just emptied a huge indoor pot of soil that Milo believed, with no malice, was another litter box. It took a lot of sniffing around for a good, long while (by me) before I discovered the source of that very peculiar odor.

And now you’re telling me I have to throw him a birthday gala?

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Hahahahaha, oh yes… that unmistakable smell of cat urine. That smell, for a while, was the bane of my existence.

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Ha ha gail! Shall I send you a referral for the strip kitties that jumped out of Daniel’s cake last year? (He may be a cat, but sometimes he loves to act lime a hound dog!! )

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I remember walking around my house sniffing everything, half hoping that I wouldn’t figure out where it was coming from because that’d mean that I stuck my nose right in it.

Its only when you try and follow a specific smell that you realize how truly useless the human nose is. (All while the cat is watching you, laughing, and trying not to look at where it actually is coming from.)

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FWIW, my nose knew, eventually. I made smaller and smaller circles until I hit the bull’s eye. Someone told me to dump vinegar and baking soda into the dirt. Worth it?

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I smoke and can’t smell anything. I only find the catsidents when I put on clothes that shouldn’t have a wet spot on them.

Life can suck sometimes.

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@johnpowell Kitties are leaving you a message!

@gc Yes, birthday (or Acquisition Day as a substitute when we do not know birthday.) Feline treats. Beyond what has been mentioned here, real fish (my cats loved salmon) or whatever Milo most fancies. I had one cat that was like Kliban’s a “dreaded hamwort.” My first cat got positively giddy over corn cobs. So, whatever floats Milo’s boat that is what he should have. I also usually got new toys for the occasion, sometimes catnip, sometimes not.

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@delerium My cats have kitty crack, and its Fancy Feast. Their daily food is Wellness, so when I give them FF, they love it, and me!

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@All; Milo disdains both the catnip plants and the dried stuff. He sneers also at all his toys, altho occasionally will play with a hair curler or shoe lace (if attached to my foot). And wild salmon sells for $19.00/lb.

However he is very fond of A negative blood (mine).

A cake and strippers are out for now. I just got my vet bills.

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My dog loves cheese and yoghurt (I don’t give it to her often). I think it’s just a general dairy obsession among animals.

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You bet, rh. Proven pill-giving technique: Put the pill in a chunk of cream cheese!

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When I was child and dog sitting for my sister, her German Shepard got hit by a car. I was even more naive than now and the vet showed me how to get a horse pill down the dog in yogurt.

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Milo’s head is now in an empty pint container of Ben and Jerry’s vanilla. I figure that a few licks won’t hurt.

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@Andrew: Powdered cheese? Dare I ask?

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My cat hates milk, cold, warm or otherwise. Now, my IG Spencer, he sits at my feet waiting for what little 1/2 & 1/2 is left from my bowl of Golden Crisp cereal w/ sliced banana’s. Although, recently he has decided to stay in bed until he hears me call, “Spencer… Breakfast” and as everyone knows, greyhounds are fast, but I think my IG is faster.

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Cats should not have people food, period, including milk. It can upset their stomach, making for a mess in the litter box, and you will be the one who will have to clean it up and pay the vet bill if the problem gets worse or the cat has an allergic reaction. There are cat treats on the market if you want to reward your cat with something healthy instead of milk, my cats like Perfect Bites salmon treats best, and they are all-natural and easy to find at Petco.

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