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How can I override (Chrome's) SSL certificate issues?

Asked by Jack79 (10984points) June 10th, 2014

Hi, I am trying to access’s extranet (something I’ve done a lot in the past). For some reason, Chrome does not let me go to the login page, suspecting it’s not secure enough. The message speaks of a certificate malfunction:

What does this mean?

“Technical details

The certificate that Chrome received during this connection attempt is not formatted correctly, so Chrome cannot use it to protect your information.
Error type: Malformed certificate
Subject: *
Issuer: Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority – G2
Public key hashes: sha1/lg2y4qE/OGsgjPmZzKZODWClgUQ= sha256/BnU+ZjDhLTcq0L2qu3+Zx6OsNHCCWbGJ1S6HvxW/Gcg= sha1/tFVQFINFH+6MoKEM9a/eOkxeEVk= sha256/8Rw90Ej3Ttt8RRkrg+WYDS9n7IS03bk5bjP/UXPtaY8= sha1/IQ8siffEzV0bgl441sZZO6aTda4= sha256/Ko8tivDrEjiY90yGasP6ZpBU4jwXvHqVvQI0GS3GNdA=”

I don’t know if the above helps, but I suspect it might have something to do with Windows XP (what I’m using) no longer being supported by Microsoft. Nothing else has changed on my side, but I suspect that maybe they have renewed their certificate and my system does not recognise it. I’ve tried the same on different PCs (all with WinXP) and different browsers, with no luck. My son’s crappy tablet works fine however (with Safari on Android).

Assuming I have not been attacked by hackers or anything weird like that, is there a way to override Chrome’s security settings and move forward to the login page that I want?

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