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What is your view upon the world's effort in the search of the Malaysian airline MH370 as we are now going into the third month since the disappearance of said airliner?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) June 10th, 2014

Please explain your views as clearly and concisely as possible.

Thank you.

My own view of the world’s effort in the search of missing Malaysian plane is that there should have been more done in the early stages of the search. Now, the likely wreckage – if it landed in the ocean – are very spread out and will be even more difficult to find.

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What “more” could they have done @Gifted_With_Languages?

It’s nice that the whole world is working on it, IMO.

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A plane went down in the ocean. It’s tragic, but what can you do? There have been people searching for sunken vessels in comparatively shallow water for over 500 years, and we’re still finding stuff. The plane is gone.

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I think the passengers and the pilot are living happily on the planet Tralfamadore.

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Right, @Seek I mean, look how long it took us to find the Titanic and we had a pretty good idea of where it went down, too.

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I think the circumstances of a plane crashing in the water are not the same as a ship sinking. The plane would not have flown cleanly to the bottom of the ocean. It would have been fractured upon impact. I find it suspicious that there have been no signs of any type of evidence at all.

I know they have been looking at satellite images recently to see what happened to it.

Just my opinion – it’s suspicious.

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Oddly, I was just thinking about this yesterday. My heart goes out to the people who may have not reacted quickly enough, those who perished, and their families.

Hindsight is 20/20. Perhaps there is a lesson to learn from this incident. Only those with the knowledge on this topic can properly assess what went well and what didn’t and encourage equipment and procedural changes.

Right now, we just aren’t there. Even if the missing flight had been flagged sooner and help immediately sent out, it is highly unlikely that anyone would have been saved. Here is a link that provides an idea of how deep the airplane would go before settling on the ocean floor.

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@jca but that assumes an uncontrolled crash. It’s possible the pilots tried to simply land the plane in the water. In that case it would have simply sunk.

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The part of the Indian Ocean where the plane likely went down, south of 40°S latitude, is perhaps the loneliest spot on Earth. It’s known to sailors as the Roaring Forties, and for good reason. The surface winds there are strong and nearly constant; storms are frequent, and there is no land nearby to either break the wind or the waves. In a word, the fetch makes that ocean ferocious, and the lack of land makes it unforgiving.

It’s tough to mount the search there, partly because so few people go there willingly, and even though there should be some floating wreckage it will be widely dispersed – and quickly! – broken up, waterlogged and sunk before too long.

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If all the world’s oceans were drained, the horrific landscape would resemble that of some nightmarish planet. Strewn with long since lost wreckage, skeletal remains & god knows what else. It’s a different world down there & it’s vast, like some marine expert said, “worse than looking for a needle in a haystack, we don’t even know which haystack to look in”

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@ucme Heh yeah, could you imagine…all the stuff that would be down there if all oceans and seas were drained. Excluding all marine life that is there, man people would have a field trip exploring it all. There are probably airplanes down there that are lost, and that we don’t even know were lost.

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@Symbeline Be pretty trippy, I reckon they’d find Kevin Costner’s career in amongst all that hell too :D

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I wonder if fish and shit are all like, dude, wonder what it would be like if we could travel out of the sea, what kind of crazy ass business we’d find up there.

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Isn’t that what happened before? Fish crawled out of the sea, became lizards & eventually dinosaurs?
I remember the poster on the classroom wall at school & everything.

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Yeah, that is apparently what happened. And the process is said to have taken soooooo many years. Not an expert though.

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Just a few billion years @Symbeline.

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Yeah. So I guess if sharks decide to pop out of the water, I’ll probably be dead before they can efficiently start running after me. :D

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On the flip side, i’d love to meet SpongeBob

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@Symbeline You just reminded me of this amazing picture I saw recently :P

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They’d be dead in a couple of hours @Symbeline.

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If the plane crashed head-first into the sea at 600+ miles per hour then it would have been obliterated into countless tiny pieces. Good luck finding any of that mess.

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@El_Cadejo That was of the utmost badassery. :)

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@Symbeline It came from this site . People send in requests and he draws them in MS Paint. .

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I should ask him to paint a Viking riding a butterfly.

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Not a butterfly, but…

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That unicorn is pooting rainbows.

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@Seek….SA WEEET! He has an AK47 too, lmao.

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“Let it go, let it go…”
It soft landed in the ocean (from a low slow altitude) and sank in one piece hence no wreckage found.

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I feel thay did the very best they could with the information they had. The world’s oceans are an enormous place.

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I think “the World” , by which I figure you mean interested parties, made a decent and expensive effort. According to Wikipedia, the surface area of the Indian Ocean (where it no doubt is) is close to 30 million square miles. The volume is 70 million cubic miles.
I think that airplane is never to be found except by serendipity.

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