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Which piece(s) of technology should I get for my month-long travels, and beyond?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2716points) June 11th, 2014

I’m a journalist and a teacher. This summer, I’m spending a month traveling Eastern and Central Europe, and I’m looking to purchase some new technology. Normally, I would just bring my current laptop—a 13-inch macbook pro—but it weighs 6 lbs and, with portions of my travel dedicated to backpacking, if you will, I’d prefer not to lug it around.

It just so happens that my birthday occurred recently, so i’ve a few hundred bucks at my disposal, on top of whatever else I decide to spend (for the sake of this Q/A, let’s roll with $5–600 total to spend).

My initial thought is to get an iPad Air, with an attachable keyboard. But that is cost prohibitive, and I fear it getting stolen if I stay in hostels and some rats decide to go clawing through my bags and take my stuffs. I imagine I could also get a small laptop, like a netbook(?), but that hinders movie-watching and the ability to read (as a tablet would enable).

Because I’m a teacher, I imagine having a tablet, which I’ve yet to use, could help too while I lecture (I often pace with my notes in hand. And though I do love the feel of paper, and highlighting, I realize that new technology is about being open to the experience that it can enable.) So I’m also thinking longer-term too.

(FYI – I have an android phone)

just some food for thought. what do ya’ll think?


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