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Where do you go swimming in the summer?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) June 11th, 2014

Specifically where do you swim? A particular lake, beach or river,but please don’t answer “water”

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Rivers, lakes,blue holes, ocean,and pools, it depends where I am that day :P

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Right over the road, in the fjord. We have a really lovely, natural beach.

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The Chesapeake Bay or the Patapsco River or the Atlantic Ocean or my favorite the Riviera Maya.

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It depends on where I am. Pools usually.

Last summer I swam in lakes in Vermont and Maine.

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Swimming pool I guess. I hate the ocean can’t risk jelly fish stings!

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Premiere river and white water rafting hub in the summer. I lived on a 5 acre property here for 7 years and now I am still only 10 minutes away. I don’t raft these days but was quite the little river rat for decades. Now I just go for a dip and languish in the shade. haha

I just got my annual park pass to the state park zone and the neighboring Lotus Park both right on the river.

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Usually Clearwater beach. There’s a seafood restaurant right on the shore that we really like, and we make it a point to go in for fresh oysters. It’s getting REALLY expensive to park there, though. We’re going to try to save up enough to rent a place near the beach for a weekend – or maybe a week if we can get a few friends to go in with us – for my son’s birthday in August.

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Growing up, it was at at the local resort (sounds fancier than it was) which had two swimming pools. Starting in 1980, the parents rented a house in Nagshead, NC, for 30 years. The last time I was in the water (other than the tub) was earlier this year in Israel. Dipping oneself in the Dead Sea cannot technically be called swimming, as all one can do is float due to salt content, but it still counts in my book.

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I used to love going swimming in lakes as a kid. Don’t do it much anymore. Though, I did go swimming very briefly last summer at a lakeside camp my girlfriend’s sister rented. Hopefully this year I can make it to a lake at least a few times.

I hate pools. Chlorine sucks. I’m not allergic, I just don’t like the smell or the feel.

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The Catholic college had a pool, and they allowed local kids to swim there.
There was also a small community park that had a small pool, but it was mostly urine, mostly.

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The pool in our subdivision, mostly. It’s really nice, with a fountain.

I’ll swim in pools and that’s about it. I’ll go about hip-deep at the beach, but I won’t swim in lakes or rivers, and definitely no ponds. Grosses me out. Chemically treated water I can see through is my preference.

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Hopefully in Mirror Lake this Summer. It’s clean but cold. That’s it in my avatar.

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A small local lake.

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Mostly in our Endless Pool. I like to snorkel swim in the ocean and do triathlon swimming in lakes. I had to retire from competition 1½ years ago (health issue) and I really miss that.

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My parents’ house has a nice in-ground swimming pool.

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I miss my hot tub. I can’t wait to be able to get another one someday.
I think I liked it cold in the summer almost better than hot in the winter. haha

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The ocean! There’s beaches everywhere and I especially like the port noarlunga reef. I swim and dive the really deep clear water. I get warned about sharks. ehh. Too bad it’s winter.

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Is it easy to find a beach down there that’s free of stone fish, box jellies, blue-ringed octopi, salties, and great whites?

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@Brian1946 Don’t forget sea snakes , irukandji , and cone snails :P

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Here is our ‘beach’. As you can imagine, anything but rock on our coasts or deep drop offs is considered a stunning beach. This one runs long and shallow and it really safe for kids. (also, this is our local paper, which is hilarious sometimes because of the lack of things that happen around here.)

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Just my local town pool. There isn’t any natural water that’s clean enough round here.

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The swimming pool outside my backdoor.

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@cazzie “The first warm night in 12 years” and “Car hits deer”. Fabulous! (thank you Google Translate)

I live in the midlands of England which is, as you might expect, somewhat far from the sea. So the local indoor pool is my only option for swimming. However my sister lives by the sea in Dorset on the south coast so we go there quite often. I’m the only one in my family who braves the Channel waters.

On holiday we normally go to a seaside resort in France with our caravan. The campsite must-have is a swimming pool and again, days at the beach are great. We have spent a lot of time at this beach which had a river running through it. Warmed by the sun it made a great place for the kids to paddle and mess about in inflatable boats. Even here, I am the only one who will brave the Atlantic breakers.

This year we will be spending our holiday in our new french holiday home. We have got a very large paddling pool second hand which I think looks something like this. And we have a local lake that is nice for swimming in. We have also been given an inflatable canoe and wehave a couple of inflatable dinghys. Our friends have a windsurfing board so my goal this summer is to learn how to go on it.

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I have an inground pool in my backyard and for vacation we go to Cedar Point in Ohio, it’s an amusement park and we go to the water park over there. And we go to Ocean City sometimes

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@Stinley even though you are so many degrees to my south, I tip my hat to your efforts.

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@Brian1946 that’s stuffs mostly in the far north-the box jellyfish are north and seasonl. I am on the bight so there are less sharks. But they do occur not in shallow water but on the ocean side of the reef. It’s rare for people to get taken but happens occasionally we don’t worry about it.

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