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Driving question? (see details)

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12441points) June 11th, 2014

This happens to us truckers all the time, but some car drivers have said it happens to them as well, some moron will do an unsafe illegal pass just to get in front of us then proceed to drive roughly 10kph slower than we were traveling, I really would like to know why, is it safer hindering traffic, personally why do the pass if your going to then drive slower than the vehicle you are passing, can you tell me why drivers do this, are we blocking their cell signal?

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My guess: “10kph slower” is their original speed. And they don’t have much patience to wait for cars or anything like that to go. They see cars or trucks in front of them as something blocking their way and they have to pass them fast. After they pass you, they get what they want, and return to their original speed.

It happens all the time here. Although I’m not sure if that is the correct explanation.

P.S: from a view of a motorcycle rider observing other moron motorcycle riders.

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Though I try mightily to avoid this, I’ve been inadvertently guilty of it a time or two. So please allow me to explain the times when I couldn’t avoid it, and speculate about why others may do it (innocently) from time to time. (We don’t have to discuss those jerks who do it intentionally to annoy; I’m sure you see a lot more of them than I do, and I’ve seen more than a few of them.)

Sometimes when I’m passing a vehicle, and it can be any size from car to triple trailer, the other driver speeds up. When that happens I try to reserve judgement that “this guy is being a jerk who just wants to make this difficult”, because sometimes it can be terrain (moving from an incline to a decline or flat, for example), or improved visibility or road surface or markings or whatever, or even a loss of headwind, perhaps. For whatever reason, I started to pass at X mph, and now I have to increase to X+5 or X+10 mph to complete the maneuver. If I end up the move at X+20 mph, which has happened a time or two (because I don’t want to just drop back if I was unhappy where I was, though I try to do that when it’s sensible), then I probably don’t want to continue at X+20 mph. I may drive that fast for a time to make a good gap before I pull in ahead, but I don’t usually want to go very much over the speed limit. So that’s one.

In addition, sometimes the terrain or conditions change for the worse after the pass has been made. Or sometimes I realize that I’m farther along than I had expected, and I’m looking for a turn. (I try so hard not to be the guy who passes and then exits the roadway. What a dick that guy is. But I have… I have, and I admit it. Not often, since my Dad calmly laid into me when I was 16, did that on my Learner’s Permit and have remembered it ever since.) But if the roadway changes, the markings get confusing, rain or fog sets in, whatever, then I’m going to slow down to a safe speed, and I’m sorry if the guy behind me feels somehow put upon.

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I drive a notoriously underpowered car (an older 240d) I have to keep my speed up going up hills or I slow Waaaay down. This due to a 66 hp engine in a 2 ton car. With the increased speeds since my car was built it sometimes creeps slower. It manages 60 no worries, but for some reason it lingers at that speed unless I push it kinda hard. Most times I am the passee rather than the passer, but sometimes I pass someone and relax a bit and the car slows down. But almost 30 mpg is pretty good. And bulletproof. Just the nature of old diesels.

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Why do it? Because they are douchebags. Since there are no douchebags on Fluther, I suspect that you won’t be able to get some first-hand insight on this question. Sorry.

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I used to drive 200 highway miles back and forth every other weekend, some reasons I would pass trucks

1) I can’t see around you – sometimes there’s a surprise when I start a pass
2) you are going to go pretty much exactly that fast for your entire trip, if I want to go 1 mph faster, I should probably go ahead and pass when I have the chance rather than sitting off your bumper
3) You kick up a lot of sand/gravel/rocks/roadkill when I’m sitting on your bumper
4) If it’s raining, in front of you is 500% safer than behind you, I can’t see anything close behind due to spray
5) If I know we’re about to go to 1 lane in the next 5–10 miles, see #1
6) I’d rather not drive beside you as a general rule, I’m sure you are rock solid in your lane (as am I of course), but some people aren’t, and you happen to be driving an enormous dumpster that takes up one whole side of my vision
7) If it’s one lane and I have to go around into oncoming traffic, I’m going to do that as quickly as possible, and will probably pass you doing +20mph, then slow down. I don’t want to do 85, just 70, and you want to do 65.
8) Speed trap, did he see me, is he coming, ohhh shiiiiii

I’ve never tried to slow down in front of a truck to impede their progress, because my biggest worry driving any sort of a load is braking distance, but has it ever happened, I’m sure it has.

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Some of us have this obsessive drive to be first. It applies to everything.

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@GloPro Now that is probably most likely the case.

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EGHHHH I hate this. There is a highway around here that is 1 lane for most of it. The speed limit is 55mph. I couldn’t even guess the number of times I’ve been stuck behind someone going 45, you get to the one bit where it’s two lanes so you casually pass them going 55 and then they essentially floor it up to 80 to pass you and then resume at the slow pass of 45 once the double lane ends.

On the note of truck drivers, I know a lot of people that say they feel really uneasy around big trucks and will often do whatever they need to , which is often more dangerous IMO, to get ahead of or away from the truck.

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slow pace of 45*

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I hate that! I also hate the person that pulls out in front of me (I’m driving along a road and they are waiting to join the road) when the road is clear behind me, and drives really slow! If you’re going to pull out in front if someone at least drive at the same/or faster (if legal) speed as they are.

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@Leanne1986 I hate that too. If you’re going to cut me off, you better floor it. Don’t pull out onto a highway and then go 25mph.

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@El_Cadejo and @Leanne1986 why do you think these people do just that, is it a me first, me first complex, or are they just simply brain dead?

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@SQUEEKY2 Bit of both :P

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They are idiots. Deserving of my 3 strike rule, almost.

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@kritiper totally agree.

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My personal favorite idiot is the kind that stop at yield signs where I am trying to gain speed to merge.

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@majorrich I don’t know if you have circles or “roudabouts” in your area, but the rule is DON’T FUCKING STOP ONCE YOU’VE ENTERED. The amount of people the yield inside a circle around here is insane. That’s why I think they’re so dangerous, no ones know to drive in them.

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They are talking about installing four of them downtown on the square. I don’t have much, if any experience with roundabouts, but am sure they will put something in the paper about procedures and such. Or Google. lol

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@majorrich They’ve been removing a lot of ours in this area because of so many accidents. What they’re getting replaced with are these horribly complicated over/underpasses and tons of additional lanes. It’s confusing as hell now.

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@El_Cadejo What a waste. Within a generation, everyone would have figured out how to use them. It’s really not that difficult.

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@dappled_leaves Well the circles have been there for 20+ years, so evidently people couldn’t figure it out lol, but I agree it really not that hard, I personally loved circles, much faster than a light and it kept the flow of traffic going.

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