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How should I deal with the rabbit? (see details)

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) June 11th, 2014

Recently, a rabbit has been appearing very often on my lawn. After some observation, I have discovered that it belongs to my neighbor. We spoke to the neighbor, letting her know that the rabbit has been appearing on our lawn, eating our grass, and tearing up the place, and we don’t like that.

Neighbor retrieved her rabbit and left. (so beyond a doubt, it is hers).

Shortly after our conversation with the neighbor, the rabbit returned. It is coming, eating our grass, and tearing up our lawn again. We could talk to the neighbor again, but we are not sure how useful that would be given that our last conversation with her was unfruitful. We could also take other measures to capture, trap, or otherwise remove the rabbit, but we want to be careful not to violate the law and not to offend our neighbor to the point that she retaliates.

One more thing, the neighbor’s English is not-so-good (to put it mildly), so having a lengthier discussion with her would not be useful given the language barrier. Plus, she didn’t do anything to fix the issue the last time we spoke to her.

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