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What are some good ways to keep in contact with your boy/girlfriend/partner/spouse while you're away?

Asked by tirithalui (408points) July 5th, 2008

I’m going on holiday with the family for a while very soon, so my boyfriend will be all on his lonesome in sunny England. We won’t be able to phone/text because it’s too expensive, but I’ll have an internet connection, a laptop and my iphone where I’m going.

So using said tools or others what are fun/romantic/insert-adjective-here ways of keeping in contact? (besides sexual ones…unless you have a very good idea :P )

I was thinking about sending pictures of where I am and what I’m getting up to, or pictures to make him laugh.

Your thoughts jellies?

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Setting up a blog seems an ideal option, doncha think?

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Try Skype.

It’s video calling from your computer.

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oooh a blog? I like that idea…

We’ve tried skype before and I think I’d give it a go, but neither of us are big video chat fans because it feels way too artificial, with the delay and bad video quality (he doesn’t have a great camera) and stuff like that. Just don’t think it’s for us.

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How long is your holiday? You can probably live for a few weeks without constant contact.

E-mail should work, send photos too. You could do the IM thing too. It is your holiday, enjoy it. If it is that hard to leave your SO you should just stay home.

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It’s 2 weeks, I know it’s not very long, but the longest we haven’t seen eachother so far is probably 5 days.
It doesn’t have to be 24/7, just something/anything everyday. I’ll be on holiday doing my own thing, and I’ll send an email/photo say before I go to bed or something.

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I’d say IM and send some photos too from your iPhone. That sounds like it will work well.

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What about actual snail-mail letters? Remember those guys? If you write really good ones to each other you’ll probably treasure them for the rest of your lives, even if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Also—lack of contact might be nice. You know what they say about absence and hearts.

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Or to take niki’s idea further, I love to send and receive cards. They could be romantic or funny.

My husband found a romantic video clip from an old movie that he sent me when I was gone on a business trip. It was very connecting to know we had both watched it and thought of each other. Music clips are another way to share when you are apart.

Can you do Twitter where you are? That way you could follow the little everyday stuff.

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Have him give you an item to bring with you – something small and interesting. Whenever you go somewhere, sight-see etc. take a picture of yourself with it /holding it and send it back to him.

That being said, also take some time to focus on the things that you really enjoy doing and do as many of them as you can. Relationships work best when both are bringing new experiences to the table that both learn from. When you return, he may appreciate the fact that you learned how to cook something exotic for him, or learned a new craft…

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I never use video calling with skype, just voice chat. It works luke and has better sound quality than a phone, exept you have names instead of numbers.

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English friends of mine use a program called to keep in touch when they or their kids are on holiday. I think it is basically a blog site where you can post a diary of what you are doing and pictures, and friends can log in to your account and read your posts. While you are away, make sure you enjoy your holiday too!

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I would handwrite love notes and put them into little envelopes. Place in unexpected places (including under the toilet seat!) all around the house. If he/she wears suits with pockets, put them in pockets. . .in the kitchen, pantry, under the pillow. It will be a delight for your SO to find these touching love words from you. Have friends sporadically deliver something to the door step where she/she usually enters your home—a pan of lasagna or a favorite meal you’ve prepared in advance; a sensual chocolate bar (or bars), homemade chocolate chip cookies. Do the unexpected! How romantic. Wouldn’t you love being in his/her shoes? Watch P. S. I Love You. You’ll get the message!

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You can always write a love letter for everyday that you are going to be gone and have friend mail them for you each day.

You can always mail them yourself, but if you have a friend (whom is in the same town) do it he can get them sooner.

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I was recently away from my boyfriend for six weeks, and couldn’t use my phone either. We met online at a certain time every night for about 30 minutes of chatting. I also sent him a few postcards and notes, and updated a blog a few times with pictures. That worked for us.

But coming back was great…

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morning and nightly emails.

Morning email – itinerary
night email – how it went with pictures, etc.

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if you have a digital camera, you can send emails loaded with pics of you at all the interesting places you’ve been

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Surprise him with a ticket and take him with you!

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My gf is, quite literally, on the other side of the world from me, and will be for the next four years or so. We plan to be able to see each other once or twice a year, but since I’m in the military, that’s almost certain to change. She’s been there for almost three months now, and Skype has been our lifeline. Now that she’s started her med school classes, we can’t talk every day, but we still email and Facebook each other whenever we can (when did that become a verb?). The video isn’t great, and depending on factors that I cannot ascertain, sometimes the calls get dropped (and dropped and dropped and dropped). But I can’t imagine this separation without it.

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How about An Appointment. Set up a time when to Skype each other, otherwise you’ll miss each others “calls”, grow suspicious/jealous about what the other one is doing, and won’t enjoy your trip.

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Send nude pics of yourself

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