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How can I get my own photographs off my screen saver?

Asked by susanc (16104points) June 12th, 2014

I took the photographs, they’re my photographs. They’re acting as my screensaver, shuffling from one to the next randomly. That’s fine. But I don’t also have them in my iPhoto file where I keep all my photos. Can I get them in there? How?

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Try going to settings and then wallpaper.

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If you have a Mac, go to System Preferences under the Apple Icon drop-down and then to (under Personal) Desktop and Screen saver. There’s a lot of stuff on the sidebar to the left that may be helpful. (I’ll just share this with @johnpowell and save everyone some time.)

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Thanks, both of you (@JLeslie and @gailcalled) buy those things didn’t take me far enough. Now I need to figure out how to contact @johnpowell. @johnpowell, are you tracking us?

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I shared your question with him…maybe he’s out and about somewhere and not here on such a nice day.

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