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At this given moment, would you die for any one person?

Asked by beast (1035points) July 5th, 2008

Is there someone in your life that is so important to you, that you would die for them right now?

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My wife and daughter. Without question.

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Yes, my spouse. But I want to point out that one never knows what they will do in any situation. Some people risk their lives for complete strangers, and not just in regards to their jobs.

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My two sons (ages 25 and 27) without a doubt. Others, I’m not sure of until faced with the situation as tinyfaery says.

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My boyfriend, and my close circle of friends. They’re everything to me.

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That is actually my definition of love.

Right now my mom and my sister and her kids are the only people on that list.

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Of course I would die for my wife, children, and grandchildren. Anyone else who wouldn’t isn’t worth their salt.
I wouldn’t die for my parents, though. That would be selfish. I could only imagine the horror of having on of my children die before me.

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I would die for my family, and my close friends, I’ve put myself in harms way to protect a strangers life, but I probably wouldn’t have risked my own life

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I would die for any one of my children. I would die for my sister and if I did, I know she would take care of my children.

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Mhmm. I don’t know. Chuck says that anyone who wouldn’t isn’t worth their salt. But if my parents/brother love me as much as I love them how much sadness would be instilled in them for a lifetime without me? I’m not being selfish, I suppose if they knew I died for them it would put a new light on things. I know that I’m going to hate the time that comes when my parents die (that’s if they die before me, oh…this is such a morbid subject)

Death is either something that leaves you unphased or hollows you out completely or something inbetween. I know for me it’s something that I have gone to bed crying about because it’s not a nice subject, I know neither me nor my family will live for ever, that’s life, or well lack of in this case. But if I could die for my family, knowing that they can continue to live their lives without being affected in such a devestated way then yes. I would die for them. Otherwise, I’d be stuck in ‘limbo’ so to speak. It’s one subject that will always be on my mind but I will never be able to quite come to terms with it properly.

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For any of my kids or my spouse without hesitation.

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i think you know who

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Kids, husband, one sister.

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no one, my life is too precious for me, and no that’s not selfish, it’s just how i feel

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My wife & daughter. In a heartbeat.

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Yes, if I had the chance to save someone’s life, even by sacrificing mine, I would. I’m not saying that because it’s the right thing to say, because it makes me feel better, because everyone else has said it, but I have honestly thought long and hard about this many times, and I truly think I would be prepared to give my life for someone else, even a stranger.

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I’m with shrubbery on this one. I’d go into more detail but it would be emo and everyone would either pity me or be annoyed and I’d rather avoid that. Heh.

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My daughter, and without hesitation.

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I dunno. I’d like to think that I’d die, if necessary, for those I love. St. Paul said it’s easy to die for a good person, but if we are to follow Jesus’s example, we should be willing to die for those who hate us (I’m paraphrasing). Isn’t the definition of bravery the willingness to sacrifice our lives for others? Isn’t that perhaps why Christianity has prevailed for 2000 years? Isn’t that why stories of soldiers falling on grenades to save their comrades fill us with such pride and hope? Look at Saving Private Ryan. Tom Hanks character sacrificed his and many of his team’s lives to save one man. “Earn this,” he implored Pvt. Ryan, and isn’t that our ultimate hope? That our lives, even if sacrificed—especially if sacrificed—will be worth something after we’re gone?

For myself, I can’t say what I’d do if faced with a life or death situation, where my life could save another’s. But I believe that is a question that burns in every subconscious until that moment comes, if it ever does. Do I have what it takes? Am I brave enough? I hope so.

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I would die for my wife, easily. Alternatively I know she would die for me too.

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