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How is crap like this even possible?

Asked by syz (35649points) June 12th, 2014

So here’s a man running for office in Oklahoma who feels “that we would be in the right” to stone gays to death for being gay, because that’s God’s law in the Old Testament.

How is such evil and hatred acceptable in our society?

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Why not wait and see if he gets elected before you decide if it is regarded as acceptable.

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This is an elected official

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@syz That second guy might be on to something, I have to say.

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The Texas Republican party recently voted to endorse ‘reparative therapy’ in their platform

Kansas made discrimination legal


Thankfully, there are plenty of examples of a ground swell of support (and legislation) for equality, but I just don’t understand how there’s such a dichotomy between that and the absolute hate and bigotry – it’s like some of us are living indifferent centuries.

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The cons LOVE Sharia law, as long as it is of the christian variant.

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Also you forgot to mention that he is a Tea Partier.
Not me.

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When you are a devout Bible reader, then rational thought has already departed.

This guy – and people like him – are the American Taliban.

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He’s a Levitican. They have a lot of laws they’d like instilled.

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I’m having a hard time believing this story and even your link is questionable. nah, I’m not buying it.

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This kind of stuff is probably best seen as the death throes of the anti-gay marriage crusade. As public acceptance of same-sex marriage grows, it’s to be expected that the dwindling pool of opponents will get more and more crazy. They’re flaming out, as it were.

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Translation: “lalalala i can not hear you!”

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If this story is true, it is another example of people thinking they are following God’s law, when they are actually doing Satan’s work.

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It is not. I’m sure there was negative reaction to his saying that.

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People seek attention in different ways.

Unfortunately, mental illness is not as readily diagnosed as physical illness, so for the time being we just let the nuts run loose, untreated.

Why does this make me think of Anita Bryant? Pedophile people: “As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children”. Sarah Palin’s mentor??

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Oh, God. Kansas and Oklahoma. So embarrassing Hey @syz…that bill you linked to never made it past the Kansas Senate. It never became a real law, thank goodness.

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Because there’s always been cunts & always will.

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“As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children”.

This only goes to show that the line between safety and complete chaos when it comes to peoples’ beliefs is extremely thin and fragile. AIDS was blamed on homosexuals in the 80’s and before and that’s not even that long ago. In some other countries, being arrested or stoned for being gay (and other things) is a reality. There are a lot more shitty places on Earth than there are good ones. Although freedom and equality probably only exist if it benefits the economy somehow, it isn’t the norm if we were to make statistics about it, which is why I think the world is pretty scary.
Hopefully that guy’s opinion just remains as that, and doesn’t go beyond if he gets into office. Hopefully people value what we have now to not let this jackass in.

TLDR obviously; @ucme has a point. Evil has always been around, most likely always will.

Omg you guys.

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That comment “As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children” doesn’t even make any sense.

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I think it’s along the lines of back when people used to think that rock and roll music would turn you into a Devil worshiper.

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Same mentality as stoning gays. But if it’s true Satan and I are bros.

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Aren’t the gays in Oklahoma getting stoned quite well on their own, thank you very much?

Why would anyone want to help them get more stoned?

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@Dan_Lyons No, you are thinking of Coloradans.

And in response to Ms. Bryant

And I thought we were ignorant and backward here in Texas.

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Oh no, they are very ignorant and backwards in Florida, too, what with all the swamplands and such.

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I just read that a Tea Party candidate in some state wants to use the bible as law and stone women who have had sex outside of marriage.

We are going down fast.

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Do you have a link to that @non_omnis_moriar?

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To each his own (opinion), I suppose. He might also accept being stoned to death himself if he makes some involuntary, sometimes-seen-as-unholy, “born with it” boo-boo.

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I’m pretty sure that in that picture, he’s wearing a cotton shirt and a polyester blend tie – doesn’t that mean he should be stoned, too?

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These never ending stories of obtuse political nut job sensationalism are by now a trademark of flyover country politics. They are an indicator of the intellectual vacuum which develops as talent and competence abandon a region. As the best and brightest flee to the coasts, the ever growing concentration of “dimmer bulbs” eventually reaches a tipping point where some obscure jackass can actually accumulate a following. It is truly depressing commentary on the dismal decline in the relevance of rural and small town America.

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Sounds like Sharia law to me.

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I love it when these idiots have to back peddle like hell when one of their kids announces they’re gay. Like Cheney. Shall the stoning be on the Capitol steps?

I believe that @thorninmud is right; this is getting really weird, even for the States. I remember the naked, brutal racism of Strom Thurmond, Jim Folsom, Ross Barnett and finally, George Wallace, in the face of successive victories of the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. Their behaviours and speeches contained none of the the southern upper class veilances of the past, all the euphamisms had fallen away. They didn’t talk about the culluds anymore. They were talking about the niggras and all the despicable things they associated with that word. These new southern leaders were more vehement and crass than anything before them. They had to be. It was the last gasp of these mangy true believers, the lashing out of a diseased, fatally injured thing with it’s back against the wall.

I think that is what we are seeing here. And hopefully, other radical fundamentalist meddling in our laws will die just as miserably.

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I’m not even a little surprised, unfortunately.

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“As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children” was MY quote, and it came from Anita Bryant. Scroll up, folks. It’s like Sarah Palin was channeling Anita.

Reincarnate is what I was looking for, but apparently Anita is still alive? Probably all the OJ.

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My god, is that old battle axe still alive?

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@ibstubro I know it was your quote, which was in turn quoting Bryant. I’m not sure what makes you think that I thought otherwise?

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Why are women stoned to death for no good reason in some countries? The world is filled with people with crazy ideas. All we can hope for is that the right thinking people outnumber those that would agree with this man.

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This ignorant bastard obviously has no idea that his advocacy of OT law negates his avowed Christianity by definition. What a dumbass. And none of his Christian political buddies even called him on it. What a bunch of dumbasses.

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I think thorninmud hit it. When people become more desperate they tend to stand out above the others and become the loudest. I still think there’s a strong enough cultural backbone opposing gay marriage to the point where candidates like the one mentioned in the OP can still win elections.

This issue reminds me of the downfall of the KKK as a powerful national entity at one time in the earlier twentieth century. The downfall of the KKK came about by a horrible scandal within the organization, not because people opposed what they stood for. Even FDR hesitated at condemning the views of the KKK since they were still popularly entrenched in American society yet.

Like race issues, change will come gradually with each newer generation, and LGTB issues are no different unfortunately than other issues at odds with a deeply entrenched status quo.

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Ah yes, let’s kill people in awful ways because of something they can’t control and something that has no affect on us whatsoever.

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