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How do I find the right stock image?

Asked by kevbo (25603points) June 12th, 2014 from iPhone

Can you help me with a workflow, methodology or suggestions to find the right stock image for the publication I work on? I feel like I suck at this.

My publication has all kind of parameters for appropriate images, so the flood of stock images is daunting.

For example, today I need to find an image that jives with the title “Come As You Are” and the message to show up and feel welcomed even though your situation is far from perfect.

I use

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I picture a frazzled mom – hair messy, maybe some poster paint on her face, clothes wrinkled and dusty from rolling around on the floor with the kids.

But then, I don’t know where the person is being welcomed to – a spa? a party? a church?

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I kind of like this as a come as you are picture.

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<<< Photo Editor and Stock Photographer for multiple agencies.

When in doubt, use big teethy smiles.

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I can’t find the right image, but I was thinking along the lines of having a group of something, in this case Fish in which all the fish look alike except for one. It could work with dogs or cats or any other cute animals.

The other idea is to use a picture of some cute animal, such as a big slobbery bulldog wearing clothes, especially overalls or a plaid shirt or work clothes.

Another idea is to have someone, who is unclothed (you can only see their legs and bare feet) standing behind a clothes line of clothes.

Another idea is to have a couple wearing outfits that seemingly don’t go together. Like the woman is wearing work overalls and flip flops and the man is wearing touristy style Bermuda shorts with dress socks and garters and golf shoes. Or she’s wearing a nice dress and he’s dressed for the beach. Just some silly combination.

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