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Is it possible to have a crush on a music album?

Asked by SecondHandStoke (9492points) June 12th, 2014

I’ve been listening to Synthetica by girl led band Metric several times daily since I bought it two weeks ago.

I can’t stop. It’s the only music that really goes bang for me these days. It makes me feel the way I did when I saw the film Lost in Translation.

How about you? What was the result?

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I may or may not listen to Katatonia’s The Great Cold Distance every single time I leave my house on my bicycle.

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This is my latest chain listening album.

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Too many times to count. I’m really surprised you’re a Metric guy… I think they peaked a little before Fantasies. This makes me want to discuss bands with you.

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If I can have a crush on fictional characters, you can have a crush on an album. At least you can physically hold/see/hear yours xD

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^^ I’m liking Synthetica even more than Fantasies.

Why do you say you’re surprised that I’m a Metric guy? C’mon you can say.

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Dunno… you seem to have a wry sense of humour, and they seem a little light for you. But what do I know?

Here’s another album that I’ve had a crush on. I go back every so often for a listen, usually when I’m feeling homesickness or a sense of longing.

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I listen to much heaver stuff too. Rammstein for example.

I’ve realized I have a fascination with girl led bands:

“Sex” by Berlin immediately caught my attention.

Then Garbage.

“Nth Degree” by Morningwood wowed me as much as their name.

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Hmm. How do you feel about Stars? And there is just something about the combination of voices/look in this song/video that really works for me.

And of course Broken Social Scene. But if you’re an Emily Haines fan, you might know them already. Ah, and there’s a Stars connection there, too.

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