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Do children have to be in a car seat while riding in a taxi?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) July 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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well if they have to in your automobile wouldn’t they have to in any other automobile?

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Yes, but how? Does the parent carry one around everywhere? Do cabs have car seats?

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Not required in a yellow NY City cab. Some parents will bring them along though.

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Most places have written in exceptions to the law requiring child seats that exempts taxis. If the parent has a car seat with them, though, many require that the taxi must use it.


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Hmmm, I have just asked a similar question. I can’t imagine carrying a car seat around all day and my nephew is coming to stay soon and I know there will be times when we need to ride in a taxi. Does he sit on my lap or what?

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