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Is there a Fluther API for the public to use?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) July 5th, 2008

I just noticed this in a Jellie’s answer and it got me to thinking…

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They are working on one but it isn’t out yet. Have an intersting idea of what to do with it?

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Possibly, I dunno, I just like API’s, they’re like drinking fountains for thirsty web developers :p

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That is screen scraping. No public API yet. Sigh.

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I’m not sure what exactly a true documented API’s use would be – I’d already be perfectly happy with some more RSS feeds (RSS is an excellent API) from which we can be sure the URL won’t change.

Perhaps an API (using OAuth?) could allow other websites to let users post questions and answers from that website, not sure if that is a good idea though. Perhaps people could add a section to their own website “ask me a question”, where the question would be posted on Fluther and tagged with the specifed username? Just writing down what pops into my head atm ;-)

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Well, that’s one possibility, but I was thinking of something along the lines of…oh, seeing which jellies another jelly great answers most, and tracking changes in the number of answers gives to the number of great answers received over time. More alone those lines, graphing things, statistics and visualization.

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I like visualizations…

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Ah, yeah, being able to select answers, lurve and questions per user on a time- and topic-range sounds cool :)

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if there was an API, i’d probably make an android app&widget for fluther, to be used on mobile devices ^_^

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