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How do you get back to no menu bar on the screen on Windows 7 and Firefox 20.0?

Asked by flo (10479points) June 13th, 2014

To get the menu bar there is the “Firefox” in a dark orange background at the left top of screen ( for Options—> Menu Bar) “Firefox” is no longer there, once menu bar is there. The back arrow is greyed out. So how do you undo it?

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Correction: please read ”...once the menu bar is there.”, not ”...once menu bar is there.”

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Right-click the background (the grey part below the blue bar across the top of the page), then select Menu Bar.

Did that work?

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I will have to try it tomorrow though because I might end up needing to use whatever else is under “Firefox”.

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I don’t understand your comment.

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Okay it did work. It works to bring it on and to remove it, no need to involve the “Firefox” thing on the top left of the screen. Thanks a lot.

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You’re welcome.

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Firefox is on v30.0 right now. I would update. There have been a lot of security updates since April 2, 2013.

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