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What's a not-so-big idea you've had which turned out to be brilliant?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14950points) June 14th, 2014

An up-side-down version this hot thread Sorry @Symbeline :P

Have you ever done something which you only expected a normal result, but it turned out to be a brilliant move afterward?

Care to share your stories?

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The complete flip (pun intended) of my post on the other question. I applied to my current job at Hannaford not expecting to get it and have now been there for close to 10 months. I have been named employee of the month for June and received a raise. I like the job a lot. I’m part time now, which means I can get 0 to 28 hours a week. I average about 25 currently, though, lately I’ve been getting 30 or more. I’m hoping to get a flex position soon which means I’d be guaranteed 28 hours a week and my average won’t have to be under 30.

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When I was about seventeen, I joined a climate club in school. I was new at this particular school, and I had a few aquaintances, but no real friends.

The club would meet up after school, to plan a youth conference and discuss climate change in general. I assumed I’d learn quite a bit, as well as maybe meet some new people…

I didn’t think I’d make six wonderful friends in the course of it. To top this, one of them understands me perfectly. I call him my soulmate sometimes.

Six friends, five great holidays,
an amazing feeling of belonging at school, a soulmate, lovely people to be comforted by, countless days of fun. Yup…great idea!! :]

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Took my son on to an academic library to work on an assignment and ended up getting the job I’ve been working at for 18 years.

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Reaching out to a few old forgotten friends. Not all of them. But a few have proved very rewarding on many levels.

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My physics teacher gave us a formula that was incorrect. I had been through an accounting class already, and realized the nature of the mistake. It took me 20 minutes to correct the formula. No big thing.
Turns out, it was. No one had solved this problem, ever. 400 year old physics problem.
Had I realized that it had never been solved, I might have made a bigger thing of it. Instead, some other student, at some other school solved it 15 years later, and he got a lot of press and praise over it.

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When I was a teen, some of my friends came over to my place in a van. The van was stolen, and they were joyriding around town with it. They asked me if I wanted to come along for the ride, and I’m like, nah, and went back inside. They left…only to be intercepted by the police right at the end of my street.

…good thing I didn’t go, haha.

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When I created the worlds best fertilizer by mixing goose poo pool water with Miracle Grow. It was Miracle Swill. I actually had to tell my plants, ” No more fowl water for you guys” as they grew like the fabled beanstalk. lol

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