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Do you think human beings can go against their nature using logic?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) June 14th, 2014

I’m a straight female, but I don’t think it is ‘right’ for me to only fall in love with the ones who have a penis. It sounds shallow to me and I know this is a critical topic but I’m only wondering so do not insult me please.

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Are you saying you think it is nature to have only opposite sex sex?

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@Dan_Lyons No! I’m speaking for myself. I’m a straight girl I have only ever felt romantic feelings for men. But I do not think this is right logically. So can I have romantic feelings for women as well?

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I don’t think you can make yourself love people you aren’t attracted to at all. Homosexuals have always felt pressure to change what they feel, and they still do. If it were that easy, they’d simply conform to avoid the hassle and – still – the danger of bodily harm.

Please don’t feel guilty for whom you are attracted to. Just go with it. People love serial killers and terrorists… No, love is not logical. Nor is it always right. It doesn’t have to be.

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Falling in love is anything but logical but there is ample scientific evidence out there to support an instinctive biochemical reaction in the brain behind falling in love including with the same sex. So you are free to use all the logic you feel you need to rationalize out your feelings for another person.

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@CWMcCall Can you please elaborate? Id like to know more about that scientific evidence!

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@fuglyduckling I don’t have the time at the moment to provide links, but you can find tons by just Googleing it.

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There is no logic here except in your hormones and genes.

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I am also female, and have only been in heterosexual relationships in my life.

One, actually.

I have a hard time with labels, but here’s the breakdown: I have never felt attracted to someone solely because of their physical characteristics. I can not find myself to be attracted to people I do not respect or find intelligent. Some smart men are aesthetically pleasing. Some smart women are aesthetically pleasing. I have never felt romantic feelings toward a woman, but I am not at this time discounting the fact that it could happen at some point.

I say all of that to say: Labels are silly. Just roll with the punches and see what happens. If you fall for a chick, you fall for a chick. If you don’t, you don’t. Either way, it’s OKAY.

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You say you have only felt romantic feelings for men. What about sexual feelings? If you have also felt sexual feelings for women then maybe the right woman hasn’t come along yet. It isn’t typical to fall in love at the drop of a hat. That isn’t love. Most people only experience love a handful of times, if even that many.
It sounds like in your mind you don’t want to exclude the possibility of falling in love with a woman. So don’t. But whom you fall in love with isn’t really your choice to make. Love is not bound by logic. Forcing it serves no purpose.

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“Only fall in love…” See that’s the whole thing, right there. Most of the literature, film and stagework in human history revolves around the repeated discovery that people have little control over who attracts them. So far for me it’s only been women, but it’s a big mistake not to notice how much of the world’s drama involves falling for the “wrong” one.

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I’ve had my share of homosexual adventures in my early life but I cannot imagine having an emotion driven relationship with a man.

I find the male physique to be impressive (mine included of course) but it’s the trappings of femininity in women that really get me going.

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Watch “Orange is the New Black.”

I am older and straight but I bet if all my options changed I could ” love the one I’m with”

It doesn’t seem so totally impossible.

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I’m a straight girl I have only ever felt romantic feelings for men. But I do not think this is right logically. So can I have romantic feelings for women as well?
Why not? If you are a straight female that is the logical thing you should feel. If you are just convincing yourself that you are straight but something else, then you are deceiving yourself and that is not logical.

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“I don’t think it is ‘right’ for me to only fall in love with the ones who have a penis…”

”... I do not think this is right logically…”

So you think it is illogical to only fall in romantic love with the same sex? For you at least. Is that right?

Consider that it is illogical to base logic upon anything illogical.

It is only logical to base one’s logic upon only that which is logical.

If you say “But I do not think this is right logically”, you should actually rephrase that negative statement into a positive truth statement, like “It is logical for heterosexuals to fall romantically in love with the opposite sex”.

Now you have a positive truth statement which needs to be supported with logic. Try and formulate an argument to support your truth statement.

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Feelings of love, lust, and romance were selected by evolutionary processes to improve the security of children. The same goes for the human tendency to monogamy. A stable nuclear family provides the most basic, solid (although not the only) environment for a healthy childhood. Therefore it is logical for you to feel attraction only to the opposite sex, since if you choose to have a family (barring the possibility of IVF or adoption), it will be with a man. Note I am NOT saying that there is anything wrong, inferior, or abnormal about alternate sexual persuasions. Processes evolved for one purpose regularly serve multiple purposes in time. Alternative family structures are also more complex, and required more time to evolve. If you naturally feel attraction to the same sex, or you lie elsewhere on the sexuality spectrum, that is all well and good. But there is no logical reason why you should seek to alter your attraction when it is functioning in the way evolution originally intended.

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Evolution has never intended anything. Evolution simply is.

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Semantic short cut. You get the point.

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What is logic in this world? Falling in love can’t be logic. Not falling in love can’t be logic. There is simply no logic in human nature…

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Don’t confuse love with lust and desire. I think it’s difficult to break down true unconditional love to any biochemical process, though maybe it can be. Logic and emotion are two different things.

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